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Website Redesign

Breathe New Life into Your Website with Sanpurple’s Website Redesign Services.

The website is your digital storefront. An aged and inefficient website may cause customers to decrease or even entirely stop visiting, however, a modern and user-friendly website design can attract new visitors, increase engagement, and lead to higher conversion rates. Through Sanpurple, your trusted website redesigning agency in Pune, you get care for your site redesign consisting of restructuring and optimization for achieving your business increased profits.


Why to Prefer Sanpurple?


Expert Design Team

Our UI/UX team possesses prolific design skills and experience to construct amiable and responsive websites that convey your brand clearly to your visitors.


Data-Driven Approach

As a first step, our advanced website audit is going to be implemented to detect what are your weaknesses and to create a data driven marketing strategy, closely associated with your business objectives.


Custom Solutions

You should know that no two businesses are the same. We provide unparalleled solutions for your unique website redesigning needs, both in terms of price and quality.


Performance Optimization

We optimize your site to be load fast, responsive and search engine optimization(SEO), which results in a site that works across all devices and saves time for users.


Seamless Collaboration

As you go through the whole transformation process, we will work directly with you from the beginning till the end which will guarantee your wishes and the goals are met at all the steps.

Our Website Redesign Process:

We start by taking a close look at your current site, determining its strong and weak points, and extensive studying the goal of your company.

Together we pinpoint your goals, when it comes to your competition we are going to identify what they are doing and what makes them different.

Based on everything we’ve learned, we create a user-centered website redesign approach that includes overall experience, design direction, and technical requirements.

We create wireframes with a low level of detail in order to visualize the structure and the placement of the content on the website. These wireframes will include your comments and suggestions using a feedback collection process all the time.

Our designers take the approved wireframes and start working on high-fidelity mockups with your brand identity being the topmost driver of the process, followed by front-end and back-end development that is responsible for making the dream the reality.

Your site will soon be live after we have completed the rebranding project.

Benefits of Website Redesign with Sanpurple:

Enhanced User Experience (UX):

We design simple navigation options and encourage visitors to do things that move them towards your ultimate goal following which they end up increasing engagement and conversion.

Improved Conversion Rates:

We design visually impressive graphics, user-engaging logos, and web pages that reflect your brand personality and enhance credibility, thus leading consumers to buy more of your products.

Responsive Design:

Our service guarantees your website is compatible on all devices letting users enjoy a good, easy browsing experience regardless of whether on a laptop, tablet or a mobile.

Boosted SEO:

We stay abreast of the latest search engine optimization techniques and apply top-notch on-page SEO strategies to drive more relevant traffic to your site via better rankings in the search engines.

Reduced Bounce Rate

We make sure our websites load in a prompt manner in order to get rid of web users’ frustrations, hence, the user bounce rate decreases.

Content Management System (CMS) Integration:

Another advantage of our service is that we can link your website with an interactive CMS that lets you conveniently change content and perform all necessary actions by yourself.

Considering a website redesign business?

For any needed assistance, get in touch with the Sanpurple team and they will begin the rebuild process with you. We'll make sure to work closely with you to give your brand a voice that attracts your audience and effectively delivers your message.



Through the redesign of websites there is a chance of transforming the look of a website, renewing the technology and performance behind it as well as improving the user experience and the website functionality. Reconsidering a site may mean changes in the layout, the design, the navigation, the content and the functionality of the site so that it is closer to the goals and objectives of the website and better cater for its needs of the user.

The amount of a website design proposal ranges based on other factors which include; the complexity of the project, depth of services, the level of customization required and the expertness of the provider. Normally, the website redesign proposal costs can be starting from the sum of several hundred up to a few thousand dollars.

The fee charged to the web designer in India is based on complex factors like the project level, to the required customization level, the size of the site and the design expertise to be provided. In India one could assign hourly rates for website designers from as low as Rs. 500 to Rs. 3000 per hour and above based on their experience and skill levels.

In the greater part, it is allowed to improve the website design, and in most instances, it is even possible to develop a design that you own or was given to you to customize. The term "open-source" means for everyone to use, but it is quite significant to keep in mind how intellectual property rights, copyright laws, as well as pre-existing contracts and agreements can affect the website's design and content. Legal counsels or the website owner might be the people you would need to consult with – at the very least – before you start with the website redesign, and this is imperative if the website does not belong to you.

There are several signs that indicate it may be time to redesign your website, including:
  • Outdated Design
  • Poor User Experience
  • Low Conversion Rates
  • Slow Performance
  • Mobile Responsiveness
  • Changes in Business Goals