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Mobile App Development

Sanpurple: Your Complete Mobile App Development Partner in India

Today's modern world runs on fast-moving apps. To stand out and stay relevant, it's no longer a luxury to have an engaging and powerful mobile app, but a necessity – the question is: are you going to stay behind or on top of your mobile strategy? Sanpurple is equipped with dynamic mobile app development services in India that encompasses the development of tailor-made solutions ranging from small businesses to big enterprises to help businesses reach new audiences, create brand visibility and drive growth. A comprehensive portfolio of app development services, consisting of mobile and web apps, is amongst the solutions we provide to our customers.


What makes Sanpurple the ideal partner for your
mobile app development does?


Experienced Team

Our development team consists of seasoned app engineers and designers that have a track record of creating mobile applications that are user oriented, with a high usability, increased speed, and visual appeal across all platforms.


Deep Platform Expertise

We own the know-how and practical experience that concern the development of mobile apps for both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring your app gains strength within its respective ecosystem.


Focus on User Experience

The main emphasis of our work is to create user-friendly and user-driven user interfaces that abide with the specific platform guidelines and user patterns of each platform (Android Material Design, iOS Human Interface Guidelines). The result is that your users are bound to have a seamless and comfortable experience with the service we create for you.


Data-Driven Approach

We use analytics of the user’s data to understand the target audience, and develop platform-specific features as well as functionalities which will tap into the likes and habits.


Agile Development Methodology

We utilize agile methods during the production of your app and thus provide its fast and effective delivery through improvements according to your feedback which has been tested through the specific cycles on the platforms.


Transparent Communication

We conduct the development process with a close and open communication that will be maintained with you on all phases to make sure that all queries are necessary handled on time.

Our Mobile App Development Services

1. Mobile App Strategy & Consulting

We assist you with the process of coming up with the ultimate goals that your app would like to achieve, the market niche you are headed towards and the core features that make your app unique thus ensuring your app aligns with the current trends in the industry.

2. App Design & Prototyping

Our designers will give artistic life to the user interfaces, ensuring the usability and the conformity to design language and best practices of the chosen platforms. Further, they will reflect your brand and bring the users' attention.

Platform-Specific Development

We are experienced in using Java for native app development on Android. We adapt the latest features and tools of the Android SDK and Material Design to enhance the performance of the app and provide a more smooth and intuitive usability.

We develop native apps for the iPhone/iPad platform under either Swift or Objective-C, making sure they obey Apple's Human Interface Guidelines in addition to exploring every opportunity provided to us by iOS SDK and frameworks in order to create a user experience that is visually-appealing and seamless.

We can stick to Flutter for building trade-off hybrid applications that both are the mix of native code with web technology as well as allow you to get near-native user feeling on all of the platforms.

We can use React Native to bridge development. It grasps the complexities involved with diversifying the platforms like iOS and Android. This with the ultimate look and feel of the platform through careful code implementation will be the best choice to save you time and resources.

App Integration:

We can connect your app to APIs/external services to ensure it trades off complexity for more features and thus give more value to your app users (an example is of payment gateways, social media, location services).

App Maintenance & Support:

As a part of our forever-evolving care, we provide maintenance and support services to maintain your app’s security, updating, and high performance within a selected platform.

App Store Optimization (ASO):

We assist with app store optimization and app listing to increase visibility and ensure that your app is located by the potential users who are the organic downloads.

Mobile Marketing Strategy:

We can create a comprehensive mobile marketing plan that will be able to reach your target audience, and most importantly, that will bring your app up to the world.

User Analytics & Reporting:

The provided reports and analytics make it easy to understand users' interaction levels on each platform, identify which areas need improvement and get the app where you want it to be.

Ready to create your dream mobile application?

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The cost of mobile app development varies widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the app, features and functionalities, platform (iOS, Android, or both), design requirements, developer rates, and geographic location. Basic apps can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands, while more complex or custom apps can cost upwards of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

It is worth mentioning that website construction is more cost effective compared to mobile app development. Website's generally require fewer resources to create and to maintain. On the other hand, the cost-to -profit index of creation of an app or a web platform depends on the exact desires and purposes of the project.

The co-existence of both a mobile app and a web app depends on key factors such as user experience, abundance of functionality, accessibility and target audience. Mobile app developers offer features like offline access and push notifications, which makes such apps better for payment and social apps. Unlike web apps which are compatible as they can work with all devices and platforms without having to be installed or updated, they are convenient and suitable to the majority of people who need the overall different simple tasks.

Hybrid apps are one of the kinds of mobile apps that explore an intermediate stage between native apps and web-based solutions. Hybrid apps, which are constructed using web technologies, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, are covered by the native container to be distributed and installed by users in the same manner as the native ones. A hybrid app, in turn, is prone to such issues when using plug-ins to have access to device features and APIs, making it a compromise between high-performance native apps and equal cross-platform compatibility.

Indeed, the WhatsApp app is classified as a hybrid one. It applies a mixing of native and web technologies to provide its chat service through different channel types such as phone, iOS, Android, and web browser. The essence of what WhatsApp is about is expressed in the use of native languages for execution and integration with the device functions, whereas the screen interface and a few features are rendered in web technology for consistency and cross compatibility of platforms.