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Website Maintenance

Ensure your website runs smoothly to meet the changing needs and expectations of customers

In the age of digitalization, your website is your digital equivalent of a physical store. With a well-cared website, you reach the heart of your audience, increase trust and credibility of your brand. However, a badly looking website will definitely be your visitor's ticket to any other competitor. At Sanpurple, we are your reliable partner in website maintenance service in India ranging from web maintenance to security installation.


Why Choose Sanpurple for Your
website maintenance?


Peace of Mind

We do relieve you of website maintenance and other subordinate tasks, thereby enabling you to devote your energies and attention to the most important factor of business – your business thriving.


Expert Care

We have competent staff of web designers and technical personnel with the requisite knowledge and skills in all the aspects of website maintenance including updates on security, performance optimization.


Proactive Approach

We act proactively. As soon as you partner with us, we will be actively tracking all the progress of your site to detect and resolve any potential problems before they damage your virtual presence.


Expert Support

Our support group is always here to provide you with answers to any questions as well as to address whatever issues might be urgent to you.


Cost-Effective Solutions

Our maintenance plans are tailored and cost-effective so that you can choose according to your particular situations and finances.

Our Website Maintenance Services:

We always keep your website safe by detecting and fashioning security threats . In addition, we check your website for downtime and performance issues. This makes us handle issues on time and in case an interruption in your business occurs, it would be easier to resolve.

We give you peace of mind with our CMS updates. You can depend on us to make sure your website is up-to-date and its security is protected. It safeguards your website from a number of malicious threats like malware, hacking attempts, and data leaks.

We can change your website, including adding info of your products, posting articles, and other website materials to frequently update your website in a way that your customers will be interested in and find it informative.

We make your website quick and neat by speed and performance that your guest will enjoy. Hence it involves well-timed changes, high-quality photos, and faster loading of resources.

The absolute truth is, we often make copies of your website data to make it possible to rebuild your website in the case of unforeseen events.

Our offsite servers help in ensuring that your website is up and running 24/7, thus reduction in downtime and consequently revenue loss.

In addition to the above, we also offer

1. Website Migration Services

We can run your site migration from one kind of hosting/ platform to another without any interruption or downtime.

2. Website Upgrade Services

We have got the latest technologies and can consistently keep your website looking its best.

Ready to ensure your website runs smoothly and delivers optimal performance?

Connect with Sanpurple right away if you have any website maintenance needs, whether it is hosting a website or maintenance of the website. We shall ensure that we have a close coordination with you in order to develop the plan that meets your specific needs. Additionally, we shall be looking forward to designing the plan that is both promising and is within your financial capabilities, so that you can concentrate on your core business activities.



Website maintenance cost is determined by factors such as pages of the website, frequency of updates of the web, and also the level of security or support. Mostly, website maintenance fees can vary from a couple of hundreds up to a thousand dollars or more per year.

Individually, websites demand continuous refreshment in order for them to work in the most efficient way they can, be safe as well as functional. Costs may arise due to many tasks related to art software updates, content management patches, hosting fees, domain renewals, backups and technical support. This also goes with the degree of a website and the changing of information or the addition of integrations or modifications that leads to the high fees for maintenance.

Verifying the site might uncover security holes, performance-related problems such as bad links and functions as well as content (stale) which users do not like seeing, poor user experience and dropped search engine rankings. Moreover, not being assiduous about the fixing of security vulnerabilities can eventually permit hacking, data leaks, and other similar security issues which will in the long run affect the good name and credibility of the site.

Website maintenance is the process which never stops and should be improved and updated in order for the website to remain the most efficient, secure, and up-to-date. The frequency of initial and next maintenance tasks may be different simply because of the factors like the site’s size and complexity, the frequency of the modification and the level of support provided by the resources.

Website maintenance services are essential for several reasons:
  • Security: Frequent updates and security fixes protect the website from security problems including weak links, software defects and cyber-criminal penetration.
  • Performance: Through optimizing pages, caching and monitoring performance, it ensures a fast load time and the site functions properly.
  • Reliability:Backups and periodic checking of data prevents the data loss, ensuring continuity of access to site visitors.
  • User Experience:Regular content changes, bugs fixes, and usability improvements will contribute to an exciting and fewer site visitors, which is a vital factor for a successful website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): New content, the technical optimization, and the adherence to SEO rules are just some of the techniques to help search engines to be on the top and to be noticed by the users.