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Visual & Verbal Identity

The Art of Brand Expression: Visual and Verbal Brand Identity by Sanpurple

Your brand is far more than just a logo and a slogan. It is the pulsing vein that transmits the story of your life, touches your audience and makes you unique in the market. At Sanpurple, one of the trusted branding companies in India, you will find a complete range of comprehensive visual and verbal identity services to assemble an all-around brand experience that resonates on a deeper level with your target audience.


Why Pick Sanpurple for your Visual & Verbal
Identity Requirements?


Strategic Brand Storytelling

We initiate from exploring the value proposition along with the attributes of the target audience and the competitive environment. Through these steps, we create a narrative that is both visually strong and verbally powerful, and in doing so, we set on the path to shaping your brand identity.


Cross-Functional Expertise

Our talented designers, copywriters and strategists, form a team that works hard together to make sure that your brand identity and personality support each other in a harmonious way.


Visually Captivating Design

Branding is definitely success-oriented and we offer an array of design services for robust and strategic branding. Our in-house designers are real creatives who design outstanding logos, graphics and marketing materials not only immaculately beautiful but also in line with your brand identity.


Compelling Brand Voice

Our copywriters convey native and distinctive brand voice that surely stands out from the clutter and really voices character which appeals to target customers and it eventually converts them into your regular customers across all media of communication in your campaign.


Cohesive Brand Experience

Our objective is to ensure that the visual and verbal elements are in accordance with one another to reach out to our target audience in such a way that the reception of the brand will be remarkable thus developing a memorable brand image.

The Sanpurple Visual & Verbal Identity Process:

We will walk you through this process from defining your brand essence to identifying your target market as well as setting your brand goals.

Our creative team is going to create a unique visual language using your logo, color, typography, and images.

We will give our copywriters the authority to shape your brand's voice, message, and core key aspects of your brand language.

We will provide guidelines on visual and verbal identity to ensure we remain consistent while you choose to use different platforms.

Our team will make sure your brand identity is consistent throughout all of your publications ranging from social media, to your customers.

Benefits of a Strong Visual & Verbal Identity:

Increased Brand Awareness:

The visual and verbal identity that travels around with consumers, as well as competitors, leads to an impression that stays forever.

Enhanced Brand Credibility:

It is the core element of the branding that creates generosity and positive perception among the audience.

Stronger Brand Loyalty:

An identifiable brand which is coherent creates a pull and thus it gets the followers.

Improved Marketing ROI:

Successful visual and verbal communication result in more efficient marketing projects with higher profits.

Clear Differentiation:

A distinctive visual and verbal identity that makes you stand out from the crowd and gives you a competitive edge in the market.

Let's create a compelling brand identity that touches upon the story of your company, drives engagement and fuels the growth of your business.

Contact Sanpurple today. Our desire is to walk with you as your branding agency in the creation of an image and voice that can jump-start your brand and set you on a path towards shining success.



Visual branding is a concept of using visual elements like symbols, colors, typography, images, and design styles for establishing a brand's identity, traits, and moods in a consistent manner to address the customer through various interactions. It involves the visual representation of a brand and is regarded as a key part in the creation of the perception a brand has and the process of recognition.

Visual advertising uses image, design, and beauty to deliver visual information, whereas verbal advertising mainly focuses on language, copywriting, and storytelling processes in order to transmit the ideas and to persuade the public. Through visual advertising, the senses and emotions are being appealed via images, while in verbal advertising the meaning and the feelings are suggested via spoken words and stories.

Visual identity embodies what a brand looks like and includes all visual elements of the brand as part of what we see – logos, colors, typography, and design guidelines. It gives out a standardized visual outlook for brand messaging and branding. A verbal identity, on the other hand, comprises the tone and message of voice, the language style used by a brand and attempts to reflect its personality, values and mission.

Visual channels mean the platforms or the media where images and graphics are used to convey ideas, for instance, internet, social media, advertising, packaging and signage. On the other hand, the verbal medium encompasses channels like websites, social media posts, blogs, advertisements, and public relations materials which all have content based on language.

Visual and verbal branding are indispensable for the effective build-up of brand experiences that engage viewers on a deeply personal level. They are the backbone of a brand identity, help a company distinguish its products from its competitors, trigger emotions, and increase trust and loyalty among clients. Brand visibility through consistent visual and verbal branding across all platforms fosters a brand's recall, reinforces its message, and ultimately leads to a better brand image.