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Virtual CMO

Add a New Dimension to Your Marketing with Sanpurple's Virtual CMO Service

In the current highly-competitive market, the company must be strategically led and data-driven in order to reach marketing success. Nevertheless, hiring a full-time CMO will not be possible for every business. Sanpurple, your marketing growth partner, offers a powerful solution: Virtual CMO services.


Which parties can take the most advantage of our Virtual CMO Services?


For businesses who want to secure marketing leadership at a strategic level but not incur the cost of a full-time CMO.


Startups and small businesses that need to scale marketing efforts, or get desired business growth.


Companies with the current marketing strategy teams, which require professional advice and assistance.

Our Virtual CMO Services Include:

Together, we establish your target market, provide your unique selling points, and define your marketing goals. Then we work on a results-oriented strategy that implements the right channels and tactics to achieve the desired result.

Support your marketing team internally by directing and guiding them to avoid poor implementation of the strategy.

Keep an eye on the KPIs (key performance indicators) so as to understand what strategies work best and what must be improved.

Assess and suggest the most suitable marketing technologies that will allow you to improve your procedures and enhance your ROI.

Be involved in the process of choosing and managing external marketing agencies, so that they can fully implement the strategy, and achieve the desired outcomes.

Benefits of Sanpurple's Virtual CMO Services:

Experienced Leadership:

Work with practiced marketing professionals whose experience covers many industries and their record of success is solid.

Strategic Direction:

Come up with an integrated marketing plan which is oriented to your business objectives and target market.

Cost-Effective Solution:

Instead of paying the exorbitant costs for a full-time CMO, reap the benefits of top-notch marketing professionals and their knowledge.

Scalable Support:

Personalize the degree of involvement for your individual demands and spending, maintaining the possibility of adjustment as your business expands.

Data-Driven Approach:

Make intelligent marketing decisions using information and critical metrics as a basis.

Weekly Team Alignment:

Make sure the internal marketing department remains focused by conducting virtual leadership meetings as often as necessary.

Ready to tap into the full potential of your marketing direction?

Contact Sanpurple today. Rely on our virtual CMO service as your strategic partner, so that we can hit marketing success goals together with our expertise, the ability to step in on demand, and the cost-effectiveness. We are going to convert your marketing plan into an action plan.



A virtual Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) fills in the highest strategic marketing position and gives businesses marketing leadership and skills remotely or on a part-time basis. They design and execute a marketing strategy, supervise marketing operations as well as drive the growth projects, mostly not being a permanent employee of the company.

Whether a CMO is more suitable than a CEO, one has to understand the specific context and the nature of the organization's requirements. While the CEO bears the overall responsibility for leadership and management of the company, which involves strategic direction, operations, and financial performance, a CMO focuses on marketing strategy, branding, and customer engagement.

Businesses may choose to outsource a CMO for several reasons:
  • Cost-effectiveness: Outsourcing a CMO may well be more cost-effective than having a full-time executive on staff, particularly for a small or institution which is progressively becoming larger.
  • Access to expertise: Promotional marketing organizations who work as outsiders have specific abilities and experience, which, as a rule, is very broad in the context of the industry and promotion spectrum.
  • Flexibility: Outsourced CMOs come with flexible engagement models, through which organizations can increase or decrease their marketing resources according to needs.
  • Objectivity: The external CMO will bring new ideas and provide neutral and objective views on marketing options and steps.

Qualities of a successful Chief Marketing Officer include:
  • Strategic thinking: Acquiring the skills to create and implement marketing plans that follow business goals.
  • Leadership: Excellent management skills to appreciate and enable marketing teams and cross-functional departments to perform at the top.
  • Analytical skills: Data analysis and interpretation capabilities to make informed marketing decisions and evaluate performance.
  • Creativity: Innovative thinking and creative solutions to creatively craft marketing campaigns and initiatives.
  • Adaptability: Agility to adapt to changes in market operations, consumer behavior, and the intensifying competition.

The cost of recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) differs considerably and is mainly determined by factors like experience, industry, location, and the scope of the job. The pay scales for the CMOs commonly range between $100K to $600K per annum with other additional advantages and bonuses being added to the compensation package. Outsourced CMO or virtual CMO services might be billed differently depending on the engagement model chosen, which is either hourly rates or project-based fees or retainer.