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Video Editing

Breathe Life into Your Videos: Professional Video Editing by Sanpurple

In this fast-moving digital era, the span of attention is now much shorter than ever before. Well-made promotional videos have become no longer a luxury, they have become the must-have in today's visual-oriented world. With Sanpurple, your dependable video editing company, we bring out various video editing options to bring your once raw footage into polished, professional videos that involve your audience, tell your brand story, and accomplish your marketing goals!


Why Choose Sanpurple for Your Video Editing Needs?


Expert Team of Video Editors

The staff of our in-house video editors possess superb expertise and years of experience in computer graphics software and associated tools as well. They love what they do, and their prime task is storytelling through video via a narrative that will make an experience that stirs your audience's emotions.


Collaborative Editing Process

We advocate for the general communication transparency throughout the whole editing process in detail. We involve and listen to the client to know the background and the vision. Being the final product to be delivered, it must be done with a high degree of professionalism and artistry.


Fast Turnaround Times

There is also no need to worry about deadlines. We provide effectiveness in workflows, plus we maintain clear communication, which both help to ensure your videos always meet your deadlines.


Unparalleled Customer Service

The quality of our services is of a primary importance for us. With our exceptional customer service and willingness to incorporate your recommendation, we make sure the editing process is enjoyable.


Scalable Solutions

Our video editing services accommodate the needs of all types and sizes of businesses, including those under budget. It may be a social media basic edit or a complex multicity process- either way, we will make the service suits your needs.

The Power of Professional Video Editing:

Increased Engagement:

Powerful video content leaves an indelible mark on the memory, maintains the viewers' interest, and makes viewers closer to the brand.

Enhanced Brand Storytelling:

The video editing skills of a professional enable you to construct a strong narrative that promotes your brand worth, product, and services in the most convincing manner.

Improved Marketing ROI:

Top-notch videos should yield a high return on investment (ROI) since they attract more interested prospects who eventually convert to paying clients.

Boost Brand Awareness:

Unique and compelling video content is perfect for sharing on social media platforms which will give additional visibility and reach to your brand.

Educate Your Audience:

Videos can now do what once was done with words, enabling you to educate, explain, and show off your expertise and mastery.

Our Comprehensive Video Editing Services:

We undertake corporate videos editing of all kinds encompassing corporate promotional videos, work trainings, product demonstrations, event summaries and the others.

We specialize in making superior social media videos, meeting the resolution and orientation requirements of each platform.

Through word of mouth, let your customers do the talking for you. We work on client testimonial videos and thus help in increasing confidence among prospective consumers.

Develop intriguing videos to simplify complex subjects into a language everybody can understand, which will retain your viewers and boost sales at the same time.

We refine video files from interviews to highlight the workplace atmosphere, industry acumen, and narrative of your brand.

Sounds like the time to turn your unprocessed material into a powerful marketing instrument of your brand story has come?

Contact Sanpurple today. Our team will be working closely with you to find out your specific needs and requirements for the video editing, and a plan will be developed accordingly that will create the video that delivers your marketing objectives.



Video editing companies in India are available at different rates depending on the conditions like the complexity of the mission, the length of the video, the requirements of the editing process, the editing professional's experience, and the quality of the output video. When it comes to basic video editing services, the general price is from around ₹1,000 to 5,000 per hour of footage. However, this may be more expensive for more difficult or above-standard editing, which can cost anywhere from ₹10,000 and more per hour.

  • Define Your Needs: Ascertain the parameters of your video project, such as its kind, editing style, duration, and fund allocation.
  • Research and Shortlist: Look for video editors online through freelancing platforms, social media, professional networks, or referrals. Go through resumes, experience information, and reviews to determine the viable prospects.
  • Conduct Interviews: Set up interviews or meetings with shortlisted candidates to divulge your project requirements, expectation, and timeline. Get to know them better, find out what they have done before, what skills they have, and how they approach video editing.
  • Review Work Samples: Ask for samples or demos of the editor's previous work, and hire them if you like their editing style, creativity, and quality of work.
  • Negotiate Terms: Mention the terms of pricing, payment, revision, and delivery time prior to signing the contract.

Absolutely, the business world relies and depends on video editors to develop and edit video clips that serve several purposes like marketing, advertising, training, internal communication, product demonstration, event coverage, and social media. Video editing is key to making the visual presence more powerful through storytelling and to making the content more engaging and generally effective for the audience.

Videos may be used as a marketing tool, for entertainment, educational purposes, communication between businesses, non-profit organizations, or industries. In such cases, video editor services may be needed. Such a broad category includes content creators, filmmakers, YouTubers, marketing agencies, corporate companies, educational institutions, event organizers, and media outlets.

Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X are among the most popular video editing software programs used by YouTubers and content creators. Adobe Premiere Pro is equipped with a variety of features, gives room for creativity and it is integrated with the other Adobe Creative cloud apps. Final Cut Pro X is a well-known go-to video editor because of its simple user interface, speed, and reliability. In addition, it also performs efficiently on most Mac computers, which have been the preference of most of the Mac users as well as YouTubers.