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The Power of Type: Typography and Branding by Sanpurple.

Typography in design is much more than simple text description; it is a way of expression. It is a visual language used for creating brand image, shaping user experience and delivering info in a better and more concise way. At Sanpurple, the trusted partner for designing typography, we help you provide personalized typography services which boost the brand message and improve the user experience.


Why Choose Sanpurple for your Typography Needs?


Expert Typographers

The expertise of our advanced typographers, who are equipped with a sound knowledge in fundamentals of designing typography, balanced proportions, and usability, guides and supports the creative process. They have an innate obsession with creating an incredible collection of high-impact and meaningful typography designs that align with your brand image and resonate with your target customers.


Custom Typography Solutions

Our typography services are all-inclusive, providing clients with options such as font selection, custom font creation, and logo refinement. We work along with you to firstly identify your specialized interest area and then apply this knowledge in our customized typography strategy to further improve user experience and solidity of your brand.


Enhanced Brand Identity

If you choose the right typography, it can be a really compelling part of your brand identity. We are available for you to select or create fonts that are interesting to watch, unique to your brand and develop a consistent image across all channels.


Improved User Experience

Through thoughtful type design, readers will be able to easily navigate through your category, and will be able to give your website, app or marketing materials a better overall appeal.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your Typography Needs:

Stronger Brand Recognition:

A unified and neat typography presentation makes a brand more recognizable and memorable.

Clearer Communication:

Coming up with a right font is an important component of your text. If it doesn't allow you to communicate your ideas clearly, then your message won't be read well.

Increased User Engagement:

The visual neatness of typography and ease of reading retains the user's attention and contributes to better user experience as a whole.

Improved SEO Ranking:

Visitors to websites will want to use them more often if they are structured and easy to read. This will help improve search engine ranking.

Professional & Polished Image:

Typography that is executed properly is highly professional in look and connotations.

Are you ready to discover how to harness the power of typography and raise your brand to new highs?

Contact Sanpurple today. We will be collaborating with you to set up a typography strategy that fortifies brand identification, improves user experience, and pushes your business goals ahead.



Business Typography can be regarded as an art and technique that arranges words onto easily readable e.g. websites, advertisements, branded materials, and presentations in order to make written language appealing. It involves focusing on appropriate fonts, sizes, spacing and lay-outs selection to display messages and sustain a brand identity.

The four main font types are:
  • Serif: Classic and restarted with twists and turns here and there.
  • Sans-serif: New-age design, devoid of ornamentation.
  • Script: Mimicking the handwriting or calligraphy making it more unique.
  • Display: Decorative fonts like titles or logos, typical individuative and catching ones.
  • Post-Presentation: Get feedback and take a follow up.

Typography benefits include:
  • Improved Readability
  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Visual Hierarchy
  • Emotional Impact
  • Enhanced User Experience

The superior typography is based on the context, reason and kind of the design. Every font has its own features and is suitable to not just a particular application but many. The key features to take into account are whether the chosen typeface is readable easily, whether it reflects your brand's personality, and how attractive the typeface can be to the audience.

A proper selection of font in a logo differs from one brand to another depending on the concept, industry, targeted clients and design's aims. As a rule, the brand's personality and values should be taken into consideration, while the font is legible and can be scaled across different media. Customized fonts or thoughtfully picked out Sans-Serif, Serif, or script fonts can illustrate the logo with uniqueness and memorability.