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Take advantage of Sanpurple's amazing Telemarketing services to reinforce your sales volume.

Free the energy of an infinite flow of calls with Sanpurple's tested and proven telemarketing services. We're not another one of those call centers in India – we're your one-stop solution, helping you turn calls into money. As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, consumers are becoming more adept at sifting through mobile marketplaces and making informed decisions about the products they want to purchase.


What's So Special about Sanpurple in Telemarketing Deals?


13+ Years of Expertise

Capitalizing on our specialized understanding of the field and running towards the strategies that produced victories. We've learned over time that we made very many businesses get positive results after serving them effectively using high-performing telemarketing strategies.


Unmatched Cost-Effectiveness

Besides huge retaining fee which agencies charge, you’ll get a great response too. Our streamlined solution ensures the most effective result without you digging deeper into your pocket. Cost efficiency is assured through our extremely low CPA guarantee to your business benefit.


Results-Obsessed Approach

We don't only say, "We are going to work for you"- we do it, that's why we are called "Team Effort." Our highly targeted approach focuses on performance, optimizes creatively, and provides the conversion rate that will thrill you to no end.

Tailored Telemarketing Services for Your Success:

Through our business’s telesales division, our salesperson, who is well qualified and prepared, identifies and qualifies high-potential leads and creates a substantial pipeline of prospects that are very close to conversion.

Save your sales reps from wasting their time so they can focus their efforts on closing deals. We are experts in accessing the most influential individuals, thus leaving the owners of the small businesses to pursue profit with full enthusiasm.

Take advantage of this prime opportunity to gather first-hand data from your potential customers. This is an element we undertake via one-to-one phone survey, where we collect crucial details of competitors, industry trends and consumers preferences.

Establish and maintain meaningful connections. We collaborate and engage with our customer base to provide a unique and personalized service, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Encourage enthusiasm and foster brand recognition. We establish cordial relationships and advertise your business to the audience, leading to greater interest and conversions.

From sending out event invitations and expanding targeted markets, to interacting with individuals for information gathering and adding new customers and clients, we present a full operational telemarketing service that is carefully crafted according to your unique needs and goals.

Maximize Sales & Minimize Effort with Sanpurple:

Highly Experienced Team:

Our group is made up of members with an extensive knowledge of client relationships who work diligently to create a clear and friendly message that speaks to your target market.

Personalized Approach:

Uncover your creativity rather than the boring dialogue. Or calls are specially created for your selling points and resonate with your target market. They do so by making it easier for your audience to grasp the connections and eventually cause higher conversion rates.

Ethical & Compliant:

The belief that we will act in accordance with the set of ideals and that we will always obey the existing laws. We do this by maintaining a pristine image that magnifies your brand.

Continuous Improvement:

Whether it is the latest in telemarketing procedures or the current industry trends, we keep ourselves ahead of the game by regularly evaluating these key elements. We are also open to getting reviews and suggestions from our customers and determine the areas to be further developed to be fully successful in our mission.

Ready to Ignite Your Sales with Sanpurple?

Contact us today and let's collaborate to supercharge your sales engine. We'll craft a custom-tailored telemarketing strategy that connects you with the right leads, boosts brand awareness, and propels your business to new heights. Remember, at Sanpurple, your success is our mission.



Telecalling is the process of calling up a telephone to talk with prospective and existing buyers. During the telecalling, agents provide information, address queries or collect feedback. Its main role is communication and trust and friendship creation. However opposite that, sales demands the process of convincing prospects to buy a certain product or service in order to make an actual deal. In terms of the sales process, telecalling is one aspect but sales involves a lot more activities such as identifying leads, following up with prospective clients, and in the final instance, closing deals.

The telecaller sales process typically involves the following steps:

  • Introduction: Introducing yourself, your company and making the webinar public with the intent to educate the viewers about your niche.
  • Needs Assessment: Knowledge of the prospect's needs, behind pain points and catering to the requirements.
  • Product or Service Presentation: For instance, it can be explained that their solution will help the stakeholders solve current problems and at the same time will bring value to them.
  • Handling Objections: Taking care of any worries or objections and suggesting workarounds for any valid concerns and providing assurance.
  • Closing: Investing in the customer's integration and committal, promoting them to other parts of the selling process.
  • Follow-up: After meeting a customer, it is important to follow up to be sure he is satisfied and make it possible to close the deal.

The first rule in sales is that one should always be attentive to the client. Listening carefully to customers is what sales professionals can do to understand their needs, requirements, and pain points. Through such insights, they can customize their selling approach and approaches that are relevant to the customer. Through active listening and attempting to comprehend the feelings of the customers that salespeople can develop friendship, ensure trust, and end up elevating the sales to higher levels.

A successful sales call builds the rapport, anticipates the prospect, explores their needs, highlights the value advantage, moves them over objections, provides suitable solutions, returns back and follows up promptly.

When calling a new customer, it's important to:

  • In the beginning, tell about yourself and your company.
  • Very clearly and concisely inform the reason you want to call.
  • Attentively keep the customer's views and beliefs.
  • Creating awareness about your products and services by providing details.
  • Offer any clarifications or refutations to the customer's possible concerns or doubts.
  • Offer them the solutions or benefits that solve their problem. With the advancement in technology, businesses have witnessed the emergence of new marketing techniques.
  • Sum up the key points by what the customer has said during the conversation and also what action they should take next.