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R&D as a Service

Unleash Innovation: R&D as a Service by Sanpurple

In the world of rapid technology developments, staying in the position on the curve is considered as being really essential for the company’s prosperity. At Sanpurple, one of the trusted r&d companies, we have complete R&D as a Service (R&DaaS) solutions to give you innovation and dream ideas a chance to come true.


Why Select Sanpurple for Your R&DaaS Needs?


Expert R&D Team

This multi-faceted approach utilizes our team of experienced developers, ML engineers, QA specialists, and product managers not only to introduce the product but to boost your innovation expedition as well.


Rapid Prototyping

Validate your ideas instantly through our quick prototyping process. In addition, it helps to shorten time-to-market and minimize the risk.


Access to Emerging Technologies

Applying the latest technologies from leading market players will help you to be competitive in the market and also provide for a 'unique selling point' of your startup.


Comprehensive R&D Services

Our R&DaaS solutions encompass R&D sprints, market research, rapid prototyping and hackathons to meet a range of client needs.


Cost-Effective Innovation

Our R&DaaS model gives you access to elite in-house R&D experts without incurring costs of building an internal team.

Sanpurple's R&DaaS Services:

Come on board a focused innovation session with us by being equipped with tools for idea generation, problem-solving and strategy development.

Achieve the knowledge of your target audience, upcoming trends, and possible barriers by means of in-depth market research and analysis.

Make your concepts real by creating prototypes rapidly and efficiently, getting user feedback and improving your designs prior to entering a full project development.

In the course of your internal events or activities, you can stimulate a culture of innovation and innate creative skills among your team or organization by allowing participants to work with experienced hackathon team leaders of Sanpurple.

Benefits of R&DaaS with Sanpurple:

Breakthrough Innovation:

Invent new ways, explore unmet needs, and innovate next generation products and services that will make your business flourish.

Enhanced Market Differentiation:

Get edge over the others by adopting latest technologies and developing products/services that are tailored to meet your audience's needs.

Reduced Time-to-Market:

With rapid prototyping, you get to know the feasibility of your ideas in a short time and therefore prepare an idea for market much faster.

Improved ROI:

Research and Development (R&D) is an important area of investment and it should be done tactically so as to discover solutions that meet the genuine customer needs with a view of growing business.

Mitigated Risk:

We offer a professional team who will assist you in determining and finding solutions to potential challenges, thus reducing the risks of creativity.

Are you ready to open the windows of innovation and shift your business?

Contact Sanpurple today. Together we will come up with an individual R&DaaS strategy that will power your creativity and place you on the road to long-term success.



R&D services, in short, include everything from new product development, through brand creation, process upgrading to technology refinement to this end via systematic and scientific, experimental approaches. This kind of service is mainly about the activities which used to focus on scientific, technological, or engineering research and innovation aimed at boosting business growth and competitiveness.

The R&D section handles tasks like research, experimentation as well as innovation in an attempt to come up with novel products as well as to improve what is already available, to optimize procedures and to solve any technical complications. Partnership with department, stakeholders, and outside parties is one of the major tasks of the department to drive innovation, meet business objectives, and create competitiveness.

The role of the R&D department is to stimulate innovation, spark imagination, and discover the knowledge along the way that will evolve into new products or services development. R&D plays a pivotal role in helping companies be on top of the competition by adhering to the market trends, delivering demands of the customer, bettering the efficiency and exploring possibilities of new businesses.

Generating ideas, developing concepts, research and experimentation, product development, testing and validation, commercialization, and further development are the main modules of the R&D process in which the innovation is translated into the product available in the market.

The R&D life cycle designates the consecutive stages and acceptable activities applied in the research and development projects up to their market acceptance. It involves idea generation, concept development, research and experiments, product development, testing, and validation, followed by monitoring, optimizing, and innovation to stay competitive and grow steadily.