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Generate Buzz & Gain Recognition: Press Release Writing by Sanpurple

Nowadays, the publicity battlefield is very competitive and the positive media coverage is very essential to raise the brand awareness and to consolidate your company as a market leader. Nevertheless, coming up with newsworthy press releases that could attract the attention of the journalists and make them write about the subject is quite challenging and needs a good background of writing.

Sanpurple, your trusted ally for content production, offers reliable press release writing services to ensure you get media attention and achieve your PR target.


Which Reason Makes Our Press Release Agency the
Best Option for You?


Newsworthy Content Creation

Our expert writers create compelling press releases, which give out company's announcements, achievements and news in a way that journalists and the audiences can relate to.


Targeted Media Distribution

Using our contacts in the media and in-depth knowledge of the industry, we will use a tactical approach to send out your press release to the most important publications and journalists, creating maximum exposure and chances of coverage.


SEO Optimization

We optimize the press releases for search engines, enabling them to rank higher for relevant searches as well as organically drive traffic to your website.


Measurable Results Tracking

We will monitor key metrics in order to measure the progress of your press release campaign and further improve the results of your future media outreach.


Crisis Communication Expertise

In difficult times, we would support you to compose precise press releases to deal with a severe issue and to prevent reputation loss.

Our Press Release Writing Services:

We work with you to determine your announcement, the targeted audience, and targeted media outlets, and we develop press releases that capture the interest of the audience and the outlets.

We craft a custom media pitch strategy and send your press release to the relevant journalists and press outlets.

We do the SEO optimization of press releases, which in turn increases its visibility online and attracts organic traffic.

We can run daily media management tasks, like media relationship-building and responding to inquiries.

Benefits of Sanpurple's Press Release Writing Services:

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

Cultivate media coverage and put your brand into the spotlight of your target audience.

Improved Credibility & Reputation::

Generate secure positive media coverage that place your company as a thought leader and an industry authority.

Increased Website Traffic:

Target your qualified leads and potential customers through media mentions that direct traffic to your website.

Enhanced Lead Generation:

Use the media exposure to gain the right type of leads and gradually convert them into paying clients.

Stronger Market Positioning:

Develop brand image and its positioning through purposeful management of public opinion.

Are you ready to capture the power of a press release and boost your brand visibility?

Contact Sanpurple today. We will be your partner in ensuring that your press releases are well-written and that they get the coverage they need by the media.



When writing a press release, follow these steps:
  • Start with a headline that highlights the main news information.
  • Write a catchy and engaging first paragraph that describes the who, what, when,where, why, and how.
  • Supply extra information and testimonials in the main paragraphs to strengthen the news.
  • Add the appropriate contact details to reach the media professionals.
  • Conclude by adding a blurb about your company or organization.
  • Give standard press release format and check carefully before distribution.

Press releases are crafted to generate news capturing new events, developments or initiatives relating to an organization, a company or a specific individual. They are able to gain media coverage, as well as to increase visibility and generate publicity for the subject.

Press releases can be short, having only one page with content of 300-500 words. They need to communicate the pertinent information crisply and impactfully to acquire the interest of journalists and media outlets.

Press releases are mostly written by public relation professionals, media spokespersons or the employees of a company or an organization who are in charge of media relations. They could also be the work of professional freelance writers or PR agencies that have been hired specifically for this task.

A press release is, traditionally, always concluded with a marker ###. It is derived from the time of telegram when it was used to mean the end of a transmission. At present, it is a reminder to editors that what immediately follows is the end of the document and so there is no more content to edit.