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Poster, Billboard & Flex Design

Make a Lasting Impression: Poster, Billboard & Flex Design from Sanpurple

In our modern era, keeping people’s attention with a short and precise message is an absolute must. At Sanpurple, we are your trusted partner with poster ,billboard, and flex design services that will help you create impactful visuals that will attract attention, communicate effectively, and fulfill your marketing goals.


Our large format design print services in
Sanpurple are world class.

Our graphic designer team has a unique combination of designers who have gained their experience through the practical where deep understanding art of communication and large format design is the core principle. They are dedicated in designing visuals that are not only appealing but also on message with your audience and brand objectives.

We will help you to come up with a captivating idea based on your brand narrative as well as your target audience.

We have realized that a fleeting moment gives just enough time to take someone's attention so we grasp the opportunity. Our designs advertise through the use of bright colors, creativity, catchy slogan, and clear call to action to make the ad more persuasive and relatable to the audience.

We have extensive experience in designing suitable large format applications, such as creative poster design, billboard design, standees, banners, and flex banner design. We optimize your design to the precise format and range of vision that your needs call for.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your Large Format Design Needs:

Increased Brand Awareness:

Taking a strategic approach to the placing of strong visuals in locations with a large footfall can substantially improve brand awareness and visibility.

Targeted Audience Reach:

We assist you to direct your audience magnetically by selecting the areas for your posters, billboard and flex banners which will be visited by the members of your target audience.

Enhanced Brand Image:

Whether you’re designing print materials for a trade show or a digital display for your website, large format designs need to be professionally and visually appealing to help your business project a polished and professional image.

Clear Communication:

We provide designs that address your message, advocate for your product or service, and have an impact on the desired actions.

Measurable Results:

Since large-format advertising campaigns are trackable and measurable, you can evaluate their effectiveness and create the necessary plan updates.

Ready to design a creative poster, billboard, or flex banner that will stand out like a sign in the sky?

Contact Sanpurple today. Let us collaborate with you closely to get to know what makes you special, what type of audience your brand targets and which message you want to convey so we can produce a large format design that attracts people, delivers results, and steers your brand in a favorable direction.



Banner costs differ depending on its size, material and design details that are considered by the supplier. Small standard types of vinyl banners can be approximately from $50-$100, but, indeed, large ones with improved features cost from $200-$1000 on average.

A flex poster is a type of outdoor advertising material which is made from the flexible PVC material, better known as flex in the advertisement industry. It is a preferred choice for banners, billboards, and signage because of its durability and resistance to weathering.

Yes, a billboard may cost quite a lot due to the factors such as location, size, and the length of time the billboard will stand. The costs can range from a few hundred up to several thousands per month, on occasion, based on number of vehicles, traffic volume and visibility.

The poster design costs vary depending on the complexity as well as the designer’s expertise. Illustrative designs may start from $50-$100, depending on the complexity or the amount of customization and may go over $100-$500 or higher.

Poster sizes vary, but common dimensions include:
  • Standard Poster: 18x24 inches to the range of 24x36 inches.
  • Large Poster: 27x40 inches to 36x48 inches
  • Extra Large Poster: 40*60 inches, and even bigger.