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Packaging Design

Elevate Your Brand Experience with Standout Packaging Design by Sanpurple

The importance of a pleasant customer experience in retail is quite crucial nowadays, and that is self-evident. Every product packaging that you employ serves the role of a full-time salesperson in whose silent work falls the task of capturing attention, displaying brand identity, and boosting sales. Here at Sanpurple, a trusted packaging design company, you will receive all-inclusive custom packaging designs that will increase product visibility, brand recognition and persuade the buyers to select your products from the shelf.


What makes Sanpurple different from other
packaging design agency?


A Team Of Experts

Our packaging designers that make up the team have a distinctive talent for creativity, advanced technical expertise, and industry knowledge. They are keen to develop packaging that will both impress visually and also be in sync with your brand symbol and target market.


Collaborative Design Process

We are very much into teamwork and free flow of ideas. In fact, we think it is the collaboration between all members that makes this process a success. We'll be working with you to develop a strategy that identifies your brand's vision and goals as well as determine specific target markets and product unique selling propositions (USP) where your branding will stand out and compel.


Data-Driven Insights

With respect to the necessity, we make use of market data and consumer trends as our driving force in the formation of our designs but also factor in the environment in which your audience lives and the impact these have on the level of product sales in the market.


Sustainable Packaging Solutions

We enact green vision, commit ourselves to nature. We give you the choice of different sustainable packaging media and materials to minimize the environmental impact of your business.


Multiple Packaging Design Services

We work in industries of different scales and classes of items.

Our packaging design services include:

Food and beverages Packaging

Cosmetics and beauty packaging.

Electronics Packaging

Pharmaceutical and Medical Packaging

Custom Packaging Design

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple as Your
Packaging Design Company:

Innovative packaging design is capable of eliciting attention that otherwise would be unavailable in the course of crowded store shelves, leading to an enhancement in brand recognition and loyalty.

Attractive, informative packing is a way that consumers are first exposed to the product that increases the impulse buying and hence, the sales.

Through top-notch packaging, you get a chance to narrate your brand story, the values you stand for, and your product benefits, all in a visual way, to consumers.

Implementing eco-labeled packaging options gives your brand an edge as consumers increasingly demand products that consider the planet.

Want your packaging to have a transformative effect, leaving it not just a simple product packaging but a marketing tool too?

Contact Sanpurple today. We will work with you to truly understand your specific requirements and devise a strategic packaging design plan that creates a product that is unique and resonates with your target audience while also helping you to easily achieve your business goals.



The range of expenses that package design becomes subjected to may vary greatly due to such factors like the level of complexities built during the process of the packaging, the scale and extent of the job, level of personalization required, the experience level of a designer or agency, and how many designs are needed. The prices of package design vary from some couple hundreds to a few thousands of dollars on average for each design.

When choosing a packaging design agency, consider the following factors:
  • Portfolio: Look through the past projects of the company and check if they are of good quality, style, and like all tastes are covered.
  • Expertise: Look for these marketing agencies that have years of experience and have proven themselves in the relevant industry or niche.
  • Client Reviews Read client testimonials and reviews in order to judge the agency's brand capital, dependability, and client satisfaction.
  • Process: Ask about the agency's design process, modes of communication and project management approach in order to be able to engage and share experiences smoothly.
  • Budget: Talk over the prices, fees and payment terms in the beginning to make sure that they all match with your available budget and expectations.

From a design point of view, the product development process can be broken down into two main categories. Firstly, there is the development and creation of the product itself. This involves its features, functionality, aesthetics, and user experience. Different from the former, the latter involves designing the external packaging or carton that safeguard and protects the product when stored, transported and displayed. With the product design all about the outlook and the functionality of the product, packaging design is the one that deals with branding, appearance, shelf visibility and consumer perception.

Indeed, design is one of the crucial elements of style because it comes up with essential branding components of perception, brand identity, and brand recognition. Successful packaging design is an extension of brand messaging, values and personality, making products stand out among competitors, attracting customers in stores and creating a lasting impression for buyers.

To create a brand package design, follow these steps:
  • Define Brand Identity: Identify the core values and the brand's personality, its desired target market, and the positioning are responsible for guiding the design direction.
  • Conduct Market Research: Comprehend the market patterns, consumer choice and aspirations, competitive packages, and regulatory requirements.
  • Establish Design Guidelines: Formulate brand guidelines such as colors, designed fonts, images, and other visual elements to keep consistency throughout the packaging design concepts.
  • Collaborate with Designers: Engage experienced packaging designers or agencies to have them come up with interesting ideas and unique solutions that are in accordance with your brand image and target audience.
  • Test and Iterate: Engage surveys with stakeholders and conduct consumer testing to perfect the packaging design before commencing large-scale production.
  • Implement and Launch: Collaborate with the manufacturers and suppliers to provide the packaging in return for quality control and adherence to the industry standards.