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Opinion Piece Writing Process

Shape the Conversation: Sanpuple's Opinion Writing Service for the Media.

With a speeding media environment, the impact of powerful people is more critical than before. Sanpurple provides end-to-end Opinion Piece Writing Services which enable you to share your views and insights and, as such, shape the public discourse on matters of paramount importance in your industry.


What makes Sanpurple your writing choice for opinion pieces?


Strategic Topic Selection

We work together with you to evaluate the best and most current topics that have the necessary pace and weight to gain traction among media outlets and their readers.


Compelling Content Development

Our skilled writers strategize persuasive narrative that not only attracts the audience but also clarifies a particular point of view, and prompts a reflective thought.


Data-Driven Insights

We will use data and research to provide a platform for your claims and to add weight to your arguments.


Media Expertise

We can successfully identify the specifications and publication guidelines of distinct media properties, thereby increasing the likelihood of your work being picked up by those media channels.


SEO Optimization

We apply search engine optimization strategies and tools to your opinion article, making it more visible and accessible to online readers.

Our Opinion Piece Writing Process:

We cover the subject of your professional competence, market's trends, and the range of media resources you want to exploit.

We unite to identify interesting and current news subjects with great appealing power to the media.

The research conducted by our writers includes thorough examination and gathering of data to validate your claims.

We write a concise and convincing opinion piece that mirrors your voice and knowledge.

We do copyediting and proofreading thoroughly for the sake of the clarity, flow, and adherence to the media guidelines.

We design a custom pitching plan for media and submit your article to suitable media channels.

Benefits of Sanpurple's Opinion Piece Writing Service:

Enhanced Brand Awareness::

Demonstrate your knowledge and build authority in your field as well as for your brand.

Thought Leadership Establishment:

Be the one to offer your one-of-a-kind view and take part in building up the conversations of your niche.

Increased Website Traffic:

Draw potential visitors to your website by telling them about your brand as a reliable source.

Improved Credibility & Influence:

Earn respect within your industry through well-supported thought leadership communications.

Networking Opportunities:

Create contacts and interaction with media and leaders from the industry.

All set for expressing yourself and help change the course of the debate?

Contact Sanpurple today. We are going to act as an opinion piece developer that will position you as a thought leader and also increase your brand awareness.



Opinion pieces, which is another name for op-eds (opposite of editorial section), are articles in newspapers and online publications where writers voice out their opinions, perspectives, or views on various issues. Most of the articles come in the form of opinion article, guest columnists, or experts writing about ongoing issues, social phenomena, or policy debate.

To write an opinion piece effectively:
  • Select a thesis statement that is strong and easy to understand. The statement should be the writer's opinion on the topic.
  • Prove your position by providing appropriate evidence, illustrations and reasons to build up your case.
  • Try to think from the side of your audience, see what arguments they can make and then plan how to answer them.
  • Use persuasive language, rhetorical tools, and inviting imagery to stimulate the involvement of readers and effectively get your message across.
  • Finish off by giving a punchy conclusion that encapsulates your views and stays in the mind of the reader.

Good opinion topics can include:
  • Social issues: Climate change, gun control, health care reform, immigration policy.
  • Current events:: Electoral campaigns, geo-political conflicts, technology.
  • Cultural trends: Popular culture sensations, controversies over celebrities, and the effects of social media.
  • Ethical dilemmas: Bioethics, animal rights, privacy rights and corporate social responsibility.
  • Personal experiences: Life lessons, travelers' tales, self-reflections , experiences.

Yes, it is a common and acceptable way to use "I" in an opinion piece when the objective is to present your personal view or outlook about the matter. "I" helps to impose an authorial voice and gives an authentic character to the article which makes it interesting and easy for readers to connect.

The informality level may differ for opinion pieces depending on the publication as well as the intended readers. While some opinion pieces can follow a formal tone, especially in an academic or professional setting, others may use a conversational or informal tone to engage the audience on a personal level. The tone of formality should match the audience expectation and those of the publisher.