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Non - IT Recruitment

Find Your Perfect Match: Sanpurple’s Non – IT Recruitment Services

Staffing a top-notch team is not limited to information technology personnel. Sanpurple, the talent acquisition company, understands that a diversified team in a company brings many advantages. That's why our Non-IT Recruitment Service is tailor-made to help you to identify and source the most suitable candidates within non-IT jobs.


What makes Sanpurple the best option for non-IT employment?


Industry-Specific Expertise

We have a team of recruiters who have had a lot of experience working with non-IT sectors. Without a doubt, they know what you need.


Targeted Sourcing Strategies

We utilize the combination of ground-breaking sourcing procedures and a huge candidate database to pinpoint those superb individuals with the necessary skills and experience that your venture requires.


Quality Over Quantity

We rather choose quality over quantity, so we screen the candidates with great care and give you only the ones who fit perfectly to your company culture.


Streamlined Recruitment Process

Cut down on time and costs by letting us carry out the whole recruitment process, right from making the first contact to scheduling an interview and negotiating the offer.


Cost-Effective Solutions

We provide custom engagement models that adjust to your budget and headcount, thus saving you the time and money in non-IT recruitment.

Our Non-IT Recruitment Services:

Identify outstanding leadership with the competencies required to fill the vacancies of operations management, sales management, and marketing executives that are critical non technical jobs.

Help to fill in the non-technical positions with well-qualified people who can operate in various fields, such as finance, human resources, customer service, administration etc.

Hire temporary or contract staffing solutions which would be effective for short-term project needs and to overcome skills gaps within your non-IT teams.

Benefits of Sanpurple's Non-IT Recruitment Services:

Reduced Time-to-Fill:

Fill your open non IT jobs quicker with our targeted and proactive recruitment tactics.

Improved Quality of Hire:

Engage and bring in excellent non-IT professionals that have the capacity and experience to boost the performance of an organization.

Enhanced Team Performance:

Provide a diversified workforce that includes the best non-IT staff that reinforces the success of the IT team as well as overall company growth.

Focus on Your Business:

Make use of scarce internal resources for the core business activities while we get your non IT job needs processed.

Cost Savings:

Balance your recruitment budget against hidden costs related to a poor hire decision.

Keen to create a competent and effective team?

Contact Sanpurple today. Leverage our non-IT related hiring skills to find your ideal team to help you attain your business objectives. Together, we will all discover the missing fragments to your talent puzzle which will cause your organization to perform at its highest level.



A non-IT recruiter is usually the individual responsible for sourcing and hiring personnel for non-technical positions such as the administration, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, and operations roles within an organization. They look for potential employees who are equipped with the required capabilities and competencies in order to fulfill the non-technical positions.

Although it might be hard for a non-technical person to get a normal IT job which requires the proper technical skills and expertise, there is still a possibility for people with transferable skills or individuals who are willing to learn and grow. Non-technical positions in IT companies, which involve project management, sales, marketing, customer support, and administration, may be available to people holding no technical skills.

A non-IT job is a job that is outside the IT domain and does not require any additional knowledge in information technology (IT) or computer science. Non-IT jobs cover an array of business sectors and functions, such as business, medicine, education, financial sector, retail, hospitality, and others.

Non-IT skills, also known as soft skills or transferable skills, are sets of qualities and skills that are not technology-specific but they are relevant in a variety of professional environments. Examples of non-IT skills include:
  • Communication skills
  • Strategies and techniques in leadership and management.
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Time management and organizational skills are both also important.
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Customer service orientation
  • Emotional intelligence Creativity and innovation

The best non-technical job for an individual varies based on their interests, ability, qualification, and career objectives. Some popular non-technical job roles across industries include:
  • Sales representative
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Human resources manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Administrative assistant
  • Project manager
  • Customer service representative
  • Operations manager
  • Executive assistant
  • Event planner