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Mascot and Character Designs

Build Your Brand Identity: Mascot & Character Design by Sanpurple

It goes without saying that in today's aggressive market environment, what will make a difference for you is the creation of an outstanding brand identity. Sanpurple, the mascot designing agency that you can trust, is ready to deliver its character and mascot design services to you. The designed mascot or character by us will personify your brand, communicate with your audience, and build a long relationship between your brand and the customers.


Why Should Sanpurple Be Your Choice for Your Brand Mascot and Character Designs?


Expert Design Team

Our team includes the best and most creative designers in the field of tangible design, which are a mixture of creativity, technical skills, and branding knowledge. They are committed to creating mascots and characters that are not just eye-catching, but also perfectly coincide with your brand personality, target customer, and marketing objectives which you should consider.


Collaborative Design Process

We embrace the principle of open dialogue and collaboration during every phase through the entire design process. We will help you understand the brand vision, target market, brand values, and then create an appropriate mascot or character that can make sense of them all.


Strategic Character Development

We move out further to not get confined with just the looks. We are great at developing such attributes as the personality, origin story, and voice of your beloved mascot or character so that he can become really an authentic brand advocate who communicates your message to the public efficiently.


Enhanced Brand Recognition

A well designed mascot or character becomes the visible face of your company, thus associated with brand recall and recognition.


Increased Brand Engagement

Mascots and characters tend to generate a stronger emotional bond with your audience, thus resulting in more engagement and customer loyalty.


Effective Communication

Mascots and characters can play a vital role in conveying difficult messages with a pinch of fun and memorability.


Humanize Your Brand

Mascots and characters also help in capturing and personalizing your brand image by making it more identifiable and humanized.


Multiple Design Options

We are capable of customizing any of the following design options to suit your needs and wants, including:

Animal Mascots:

Form a familiar, and likable mascot for your target audience that helps them relate to the brand.

Human Mascots:

Cultivate a notable human character who portrays your brand identity through his/her looks, clothes, and activities.

Custom Character Design:

We can work on an imaginative and noticeable character mascot that will perfectly fit your corporate identity.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your
Mascot and Character Design Needs:

A meaningful mascot or character acquired due to the branding process will be a company’s recognizable symbol and will raise brand recall and recognition.

Mascots and characters permit you to enhance the feelings of joy and pleasure with your audience. That encourages their involvement and loyalty to your brand.

Mascots and characters present a unique possibility to address the difficult issues in an entertaining and meaningful manner.

The use of mascots and characters can very well result in release of a personification effect thus making your brand more attainable.

Ready to develop a mascot or character that becomes a beloved extension of your brand?

Contact Sanpurple today. We'll work closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop a mascot or character design strategy that brings your brand to life, captures hearts, and achieves your marketing objectives.



What applies to mascot design is creating a one-of-a-kind character or an image that evokes a strong feeling of identification with a specific brand, organization, team, product, or event. Mascots can be represented as anthropomorphic animals, shapes, or mythical creatures that have distinctive personality, traits and visual features. The mascot design is intended to stir up a myriad of happy feelings, create a focal point for the marketing strategy, and stir up a relationship with the target audience by means of visual storytelling and the mascots’ personality.

Mascot character is created by following the given steps:
  • Define Purpose
  • Research
  • Conceptualize
  • Design
  • Testing and receiving feedback
  • Finalize

Mascots typically carry names that are reflective of their traits, personality or brand identity. The choice of a mascot's name has a crucial role in aiding the personalization and humanity of the individual, making it real and memorable to the audience. Mascot names can come out of the creative ideas, or inspiration during the brainstorming, or market research sessions to establish that they are targeting the right group of people, and are aligned with the brand’s messaging.

Mascots operate as brand ambassadors, personifying and representing the brand personality attributes and values, while creating an emotional attachment between the brand and the audience. They communicate, amuse and enrich, strengthening brand trust, and make possible marketing through different channels, which results in higher visibility and better engagement.

Mascots can work out very well towards the establishment of the brand image, development of emotions and social engagement. Research indicates a rise in brand recall, a creation of positive brand perception, and shaping a consumer's behavior for the better through mascots. Mascots are easily recognizable and make a brand appeal to both children and the adults, which results in the creation of a valuable brand asset.