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Logo & Color Palette

Unleash Your Brand's Personality: Logo & Color Palette by Sapurple

A Brand Identity is not just a name, it's a visual expression of what your brand stands for. As your brand development partner at Sanpurple, we offer outstanding logo design and color palette development services to construct a special visual identity with your brand personality in mind and making it stand out in your target audience.


What distinguishes Sanpurple from others and
why us for your logo & color needs?


Proficient Design Team

Our team of genius artists and creative thinkers who make up logo designers and color palette specialists are enthralled with creating eye-catching and strategically aligned brand identities that will be integrated into the marketing world.


Collaborative Design Process

We will ensure that we work very closely with you to understand the brand values, audience, and other companies in the market. This cooperative strategy is meant for customers to select a logo and color palette that reflects the brand’s unique identity.


Psychology of Color

We know about the power of color psychology and proceed to choose our colors with the corresponding feelings in mind and aligning with your brand message.


Memorable Logo Design

Whether we design a gleaming look that attracts eyes or an elegant one that is easy to recollect and is legible regardless of the size, we portray our client's brand identity in all applications.


Cohesive Brand Identity

We make sure that the logo and color palette go well with each other to give you the one brand identity which would be easily recognizable by those who see it.

The Sanpurple Logo & Color Palette Development Process:

Here we will join forces with you to sort out the brand's personality, image, audience, and brand’s goal.

Our designers will make a set of logo designs based on what you indicated as your brand.

Our designers will assemble a color scheme that emphasizes your brand image and also appeals to your desired audience.

Based on your feedback and after consultation with you, we will fine-tune your logo and color palette until you approve it.

Your brand identity will be documented in the brand guide that includes logo usage, color palette specification, and typography guidelines as well.

Benefits of a Strong Logo & Color Palette:

Increased Brand Awareness:

A logo that is memorable and a set standard color palette will help your brand become part of consumers conversation and build brand awareness.

Enhanced Brand Recognition:

A striking logo and limited selection of colors reinforce that kind of style and make it unforgettable for the target audience.

Stronger Brand Association:

The right colors will give emotions and will create a positive brand personality.

Professional & Trustworthy Image:

A good well-designed logo and color palette are the elements that establish a professional and trustworthy image for the brand.

Improved Marketing ROI:

An integrated brand identity brings more power to your marketing and contributes to higher return on investment.

Looking forward to grabbing the opportunity to design a unique brand image which will give your brand the edge it needs?

Contact Sanpurple today. We will work side by side with you to create the distinctive logo and color scheme, and which will reflect the spirit of your as a brand and fuel your business operations.



A brand's color palette is a list of colors selected to provide a unified visual dialogue of the brand in any marketing materials, products, and visual assets including websites and logos. The color palette usually consists of three colors, which are primary, secondary, and reinforcement colors and mirror the brand's design, core values, and the emotional attachments you wish to evoke.

When designing a logo color palette, think of the identity of the brand, the audience one is targeting, the industry you are in, and the emotional impact you want to achieve. Select primary colors that are in tune with the personality of the brand and its values and use secondary and accent colors for versatility and visual interest. Make certain that the colors are harmonious and work well together in different places such as banners, blog posts, videos, etc.

Although there is no hard and fast rule, it is a good idea to take care so as not to have more than three or four colors representing the brand logo. This approach will foster an atmosphere of strong visual consistency, which includes recognition and versatility toward any of the platforms and apps.

Shades in the marketing process are of great importance as color may produce emotions, express messages, and cause a person to react in a certain way. As different colors make certain psychological connections and carry particular cultural connotations, brands have quite an easy work to communicate them to the audience in a specific way. Color is one of the most effective instruments in branding and it may turn into a tool to enter customers' souls.

The color plays an important role in branding as it helps to create identity, recalls emotion, becomes a medium of expression, and creates exclusivity. It builds up brand uniqueness, forges consumer loyalty, conveys brand values, and generates familiarity and integration throughout different channels of marketing.