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Unlock the Power of Data Visualization with Infographic Design by Sanpurple

Today's businesses are driven by information, and data is what stands out. However, raw data can cause confusion and even prove to be indigestible in some ways. Sanpurple will be your reliable partner in infographic design service to provide exceptional work to replace your boring data with informative visual elements to get all the needed attention of your audiences. This will be done according to your marketing objectives.


Why Choose Sanpurple for Infographic
Design Purposes?


Expertise in Designing Infographics

Our infographics team with a combination of comprehensive data visualization, storytelling magic and graphic design excellence is composed of specialists who can use their professional skills to meet the needs of our clients. They create enticing and noteworthy infographics designs that go beyond just being a beautiful portrayal of your message but also put across your message in the best possible way.


Data-Driven Approach

Our innovative approach takes us beyond mere aesthetic values. Data driven decision making is our backbone, we apply the fresh insights we acquire to the design stage so you are sure that your infographics speak the language your audience understands and fulfill the aim of your marketing campaign.


Strategic Content Development

Our staff is in close contact with you to create the information and best practice for readability and impact that suit your infographic.


SEO Optimization

We cleverly place appropriate keywords and links within your infographic so that it is gradually making it more visible on search engines.


Multiple Infographic Formats

We provide you with diverse infographic versions to accommodate your particular necessities, such as:

Storytelling Infographics

Use a storyline that draws your audience in to tell the story of your data.

Comparison Infographics

Emphasize unique characteristics of the product, service, or idea respectively, in a short, but strong manner.

Data Visualization Infographics

Change the way databases are displayed by applying unique colors, shapes, and specific layouts.


Make longer processes or routes easier by breaking them down into visual steps.

List Infographics

Provide information in a visually pleasing format and an easy understanding manner.

Social Media Infographics

Create concise infographics specific to retaining attention on the social media platforms.

Print Infographics

Develop superior infographics for distribution in brochures, reports, and presentations or conferences.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your
Infographic Design Needs:

Graphics that “pop” attract eyeballs and spread virally, spreading the brand awareness and visibility.

Infographics raise the likelihood of memorizing a given information and fully understanding it over pure text.

An effective infographic can also become a magnet for traffic, referring back to your website and increasing your prospects, conversions and sales.

Strategic keyword inclusion in the infographic helps in the search engine rank and the organic traffic to the website as well.

Infographics can be instrumental for your own content marketing campaigns as they help in educating your target audience and making you a thought leader in the domain.

Do you want to change your data into an engaging story and help your business growth?

Contact Sanpurple today. We'll be a full partner with you to usurp the knowledge of your needs and create a strategy of infographic design, which, among other things, can force your brand forward.



The cost of making infographics in India can vary with such factors as representation of the issue, level of customization needed, the designer’s expertise and the delivery format (either as prints or as digital). Generally, the standard infographics are priced to range between ₹2,000 and ₹10,000, whilst the custom-made and more complex infographics will cost much more totaling to approximately ₹20,000.

Infographics have gained widespread adoption among both individuals, businesses, organizations, and others which share the same goal: how to convey facts visually in an understandable and compelling way. Some of the key users of infographics include:
  • Marketers: Presenting data, statistics, and trends in marketing materials, presentations, and reports would be among the top reasons for using data visualization.
  • Educators: When portraying ideas, procedures and other data for educational materials and lectures.
  • Media Outlets: Such infographics can be used for visually summarizing breaking news stories, illustrated findings of research as well as intricate information for easier projects.
  • NGOs and Advocacy Groups: As for raising awareness, presenting research findings, and pushing causes with the help of visually attractive graphics.

A successful infographic performs the function of conveying factual information, data or ideas in a manner that is both visually engaging and presenting and at the same time realizes its aim and speaks to its intended audience. Effective infographics are brief, clear, nicely designed, and straight to the point content, leaving the attention of the viewer and clearly stating the message.

The five key elements of a successful infographic include:
  • Clear Objective: A clear focus on the infographic's goal or message which is directed towards its audience.
  • Compelling Visuals: Giving and catching eye graphics, icons, illustrations and colors that aids in the readability and appeal of the infographic.
  • Relevant Data: Data that are accurate, reliable, and well-presented often contribute to an infographic's message or storyline.
  • Readable Text: Brief, clear texts, headings, labels and captions that help visitors interpret the visuals and offer information context.
  • Logical Flow: A smooth and logical flow with an obvious and intuitive navigation and structure from the start to the finish, that directs the reader's eyes around the infographic and to the intended conclusion or the call-to-action.

Infographics stand to be an objective and efficient method of communication as the brain focuses more on visual information. When you combine words and graphics with pictures by way of infographics, you are enabling readers to grasp abstract or complicated aspects easier, better, and more effectively. Infographics have that ability to condense large amounts of data and information into a concise narrative and visual way, which is useful for creating either a story or a persuasive message that people are more likely to remember. Besides, infographics tend to be widely shared and this can help enhance engagement, enhance brand awareness, and broaden the audience reach when posted on social networking sites or websites.