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Explainer Video

Make It Clear, Make It Engaging: Explainer Video Services by Sanpurple.

The fact today's world doesn't leave room for long attention spans and precise communication, is an undeniable reality. Sanpurple is your best partner when it comes to video explainers. Here, you get expert explainer video service to apply which will help you simplify complicated notions, educate your target population, as well as to increase the conversion rate.


What makes Sanpurple your optimal choice for Explainer Videos?


Custom-Crafted Solutions

We make the effort to understand your special needs and your intended audience and develop for you a bespoke concept and script that viewers can identify with.


Variety of Animation Styles

One key feature we give our clients is a wide selection of animation genres to select from, which includes 2D character animation, whiteboard animation, live-action footage, and many more types. We will assist you in the selection of the style that harmonizes with your message and budget.


Engaging Storytelling

What we believe in is the power of storytelling. We skillfully construct these explainer videos to entice the viewers' minds, appease their attention span, and deliver your message within a clear and graspable manner.


Measurable Results:

Through analytic and reporting mechanisms, you will be able to monitor your video’s performance and report how it contributes to your marketing goals.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your Explainer Video Needs:

Increased Conversion Rates:

Explainer videos can be a strong tool to increase purchase conversions since they simplify confusing information and target viewers to taking action.

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

Explainer videos that keep your audience hooked will help you to establish brand awareness while giving information about your product or service to your market.

Improved ROI:

Explainer videos are a channel where you can literally video your product and create a high return on investment by effectively and memorably conveying your message and increasing your lead generation.

Global Reach:

Explainer videos are highly customizable and could hence be translated and adapted to the taste of various nations as you strive to expand your business beyond borders.

Boosted SEO Ranking:

Explainer videos can boost your website’s SEO ranking by helping gather more engagements and making the visitors stay on the website for longer.

Mobile-Friendly Format:

Our videos are mobile-optimized, allowing you to spread your message across the multiple platforms your target audience uses.

Are you ready to make a strong informative video that helps your message to get to the point and makes an impact?

Contact Sanpurple today. Together we will get into the details of your concerns and will craft an appealing explainer video that not only grabs the attention but also sets off your brand and consolidates your business.



An explainer video is an animated or live-action video generally employed to demonstrate and clarify a product, service, a concept, or a process succinctly and interestingly. It provides a clear explanation of the concept, highlights its main components, and spells out the value proposition to the audience clearly.

Explainer videos are an incredible option for startups & businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits, marketing agencies, e-commerce sites, tech companies, and healthcare providers looking for easy ways of understanding concepts & raising the public awareness of their product or how to do a specific procedure.

Explainer videos make complex concepts clear, involve consumers with stunning visuals, increase brand recognition, improve conversion rates by helping to understand the value of your product better, and improve SEO by explaining the benefits of your product in detail.

The option of the best type of explainer videos depends on the purpose of the project and the audience. The options range from commonly utilized animated and live-action, to specific whiteboard and screencast explainer videos that find their unique ways of grabbing the audience attention while including the information effectively.

Explainer videos are usually designed short and to the point to keep the attention of viewers. Explainer videos are typically kept short and concise to maintain viewer engagement. The best length for a video could depend on the complexity of the topic and the place where it will be shared. However, a majority of explainer videos span 60 to 90 seconds with some going up to the length of about 2 minutes for more elaborate explanations