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Domain & Hosting

Secure Your Digital Foundation:

Your site operates and functions on the basis of both domain and hosting services. We, at Sanpurple, are the reliable domain and hosting management agency in India, that offer tailor-made packages for domain and hosting services installed with the objective of boosting your business and making it a dynamic and viable online enterprise.


When it comes to the question of why you should choose Sanpurple for your domain and hosting requirements, you must consider the following:


Seamless Management

We are by your side with each step in your way of hosting and domain, meaning you can entirely enjoy your business. It extends to domain registration, renewal, and management (including that done through Google Domains or as any other registrar have registration) also to server set up, configuration, and maintenance


Enhanced Security

The type of protection we provide is through ensuring robust security measures to protect your website from electronic threats such as malware, hacking attempts, and data breaches. Our skilled team installs firewall, SSL certificates, and doing regular backups to guarantee the security of your online platform without worrying which service you use to register your domain.


Unparalleled Performance

We tweak your website to run faster and more effectively so the webpages load at a fast rate and a user experience without interruptions is the result. In addition to our SEO-directed (SEO) performance tuning techniques, we can enhance your online visibility and highlight you for useful keywords.


Scalability and Growth

We comprehend that the interests of a company could require alterations along the process of conducting business. Through our hosting services that scale, you will not need to worry about migrating or upgrading your hosting plan as your website develops the traffic and data needs, maintaining the performance and reliability of your website as you succeed and flourish.


Expert Support

Our support team of experts is there for you to solve the problem. They always will answer your questions. At our service, we are proud of revealing punctual and competent operation of your website if your domain name has been managed by us or any other service provider.

Our Domain & Hosting Management Services

We will aid you in selecting an ideal name, in such a way that it matches your brand and is simple for your audience to remember. We further oversee your domain’s renewals and safeguard its regular activation, even if registered with another party.

We have a range of shared, dedicated, and cloud hosting services for you so as to perfectly fulfill your needs and budget. Our highly skilled team will make the best choice for your site relying on the appropriate solution based on your website traffic volume and resource needs, whilst ensuring compatibility with your selected registrar.

Service includes all the tasks which concerns configuration and security of both the security and performance issues.

We have the security commitment that will protect your website and data place irrespective of where your domain is registered. These include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, regularly update your backups, and use malware scanning.

Thorough learning state and then tuning of websites for speed and efficiency is something that we do 24×7. This means that people do not face the dilemma of waiting for a long time for the loaded pages as well as offers a satisfying user experience and ameliorates the search engine optimization (SEO).

We will handle your CMS (Content Management System) -- updates , patches security and plugins installation. This will result in the website you have being secure and regularly being up to date.

Ready to build a strong and secure foundation for your online success?

Connect with the Sanpurple team members today and allow the experts to tackle both your site’s hosting and management concerns. We will be with you at close proximity to acknowledge your unique needs and supply a distinct approach that will prove your business to be competent in the digital terrain, irrespective of the domain registrar you selected.



  • Domain: One of the features provided by SSL certificates is the creation of an address, called domain name, for a website that is viewed on the internet. Often, it covers a catchy label that ends with the word "Dot," which can be the letter (such as .com, .org, .net, etc.) Domain names such as those ending with ".com" are an example.
  • Hosting: Web hosting is a service that gives people and businesses an opportunity to deploy their web pages on the internet and be able to be accessed by the online users. Web hosting businesses offer server capacity, space for storing, bandwidth, and additional resources that are needed for having a website running.

  • Hosting: It is hosting when service is offered to host websites either through the server space or infrastructure. While it includes the mentioned aspects, it also covers additional services like management of a server, storing the data, providing bandwidth, ensuring safety, and technical support.
  • Domain Registrar: A domain registrar serves the function of reserving domain names for customers and enforcing the registration process. New domain owners often acquire and administer their website domain names with the registrars. They regularly keep supplying domain registration services, renewal of domain names, management of DNS, and get transfer of domain names done.

In domain management, there are different types of domains, including:
  • Top-Level Domains (TLDs): Generic TLDs (gTLDs), country-code TLDs (ccTLDs), and new gTLDs make the highest levels of domain name system hierarchy; for instance .com .org , .net , .uk , .ca , .in , .app , .blog , or .shop.
  • Second-Level Domains (SLDs): The ones part after the sub-domain dot or before the TLD are. To illustrate, "example.com" is a second-level domain where "example" is the part of the domain name that comes after ".com."
  • Subdomains:They are separate parts of a website which are created to manage and position elements of the content in a page. Preceding the main domain name and separated by a dot, sub-domains are placed accordingly. Furthermore, a subdomain such as "blog.example.com" is hosted under the "example.com" domain.

Domain and hosting are the two main factors which ensure you will be having a functioning website on the world-wide-web. The domain is the unique URL address and visitors need it to access the website. The hosting is the server technics which are in charge of storing and displaying the content of the website to the users' browsers. If there is neither domain name nor hosting, the website cannot be seen on the Internet.

Generally the website owner or operator has to pay for the money necessary to host the website. It could be anyone from an individual end-user through corporations and multiple different organizations to the legal entities that run the site. The hosting fees can have diverse price ranges directed by players like hosting provider, hosting plan, server resources, and additional features and services come along with the hosting package.