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Dashboard as a Service

Empower Data-Driven Decisions with Sanpurple: Dashboard as a Service (DaaS)

In a rapidly changing business environment, having real-time data access and insights that you can act upon immediately is a key factor to success. Seesanpurple, your trusted partner, gives you our DaaS (Dashboard as a Service) solution so that you could visualize your data, track KPIs and make data-driven decisions with self-confidence.


What is DaaS?

DaaS is a cloud-based approach that offers an interface with dashboard tools and reports to all users. Sanpurple's DaaS solution simplifies data visualization eliminating the need for cumbersome infrastructures or expert coding skills.

Why choose Sanpurple DaaS Solution?


Effortless Data Visualization

Through the simple and versatile drag-and-drop capabilities of our interface, you can customize your dashboards to your specific needs without any coding experience.


Real-Time Data Access

Group your essential data together and keep up to date with current situations by getting real-time information straight to your desktops.


Variety of Data Sources

Easily connect to a broad spectrum of data sources such as CRM systems, marketing platforms, social media analytics, and much more.


Actionable Insights

Get useful information from your data to spot trends, measure progress and make well-based business decisions.


Improved Collaboration & Communication

Leverage dashboards and reports to empower your team with data-centered communication and collaboration that drives data-driven decision making across the departments.


Scalability & Flexibility

Our DaaS platform has the scalability to accommodate the growth of your business and can support as many new data sources and users as the need arises.

Benefits of DaaS with Sanpurple:

Improved Decision-Making:

Get a deeper insight into business results and utilize data to support strategic decision-making that delivers growth.

Increased Efficiency:

Recognize what is working well and where changes need to be made in order to create a more efficient system.

Enhanced Visibility & Transparency:

Create a clear view of the main KPIs within your organization for company's transparency.

Simplified Data Sharing:

Provide ease of access to dashboards and reports with stakeholders without compromising transparency and promoting team collaboration.

Reduced Costs:

Avoid paying for costly data visualization software and development staff.

Want to discover how data visualization can revolutionize your business?

Contact Sanpurple today. Through our DaaS solution, you're going to receive all the help you need to implement data-driven decision making and attain the strategic targets of your company.



The function of the dashboard service includes allowing features, platforms, or solutions that are needed for building, editing, and controlling dashboards. Besides this, these services include options to visualize data, keep track of important metrics and get insights so that decision making can be supported and performance can be monitored accordingly.

A dashboard is in a graphical user interface that shows the key performance indicators (KPIs), metrics, and other important information in a visual format. It gives a visual picture of the data in one place, allowing information to be monitored for trends, progress tracking, and quick decision making using either current or existing data.

A dashboard is a visual display of vital data indicating critical information regarding key metrics, trends, and performance. Its benefits include better decision-making, higher visibility, time savings, as well as accountability enhancement.

Audit dashboard is a specialized dashboard which auditors and compliance professionals use to oversee and check the performance of the internal controls, regulatory compliance and risk management processes. It gives the overview of audit findings, the compliance situation, the control weaknesses and the remediation efforts, enabling the organization to be in compliance with the law, the regulatory requirements and with their industry standards.

A main advantage of dashboards is that they render even complicated data simple, straightforward and easy to comprehend allowing data assimilation, decision making, and performance monitoring to be quick and easy tasks.