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Dashboard(BI) as a Service

Empower Informed Decisions with Sanpurple: Dashboard as a Service (DaaS)

Today's business environment is packed with data-based activities. To remain competitive you should check and monitor critical indicators too and should make data-driven decisions. At Sanpurple, your reliable partner, we present an invaluable Dashboard as a Service (DaaS) system that enables the effective utilization of your data through data visualization.


What is DaaS?

DaaS is a cloud-based solution which allows users to completely avoid complex infrastructure or coding expertise. DaaS offered by Sanpurple provides a user-friendly interface for the creation of interactive dashboards and reports. Through DaaS dashboards and reports, your data comes alive with a clear and actionable direction.

Why Choose Sanpurple's DaaS Solution?


Effortless Data Visualization

Our simple and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface empowers people to produce their own custom dashboards even without any programming experience.


Real-Time Data Access

Get instant access to your essential data in real-time mode, meaning that you will never lack the actual figures on the go.


Wide Range of Data Sources

Make large connections with different data sources such as CRMs, marketing platforms, social media analytics and more.


Actionable Insights

Data analytics gives critical value to your data that will assist you to develop, track and maintain goals, and provide you with confidence to make data-driven decisions with ease.


Improved Collaboration & Communication

Share dashboards and reports with your team, facilitating improved collaboration and data-driven departmental decisions.


Scalability & Flexibility

With our DaaS solution, you don't have to worry about scalability as it is shaped to support your request for new data sources and users when the need arises.

Sanpurple DaaS vs. Traditional BI Tools:

Our interface is designed to be easy-to-use, thus there is no necessity of understanding code or data analytical concepts.

Tap into a quick and easy process for starting up with built templates and dragging and dropping features.

Sanpurple DaaS eliminates the need of buying high-priced software licenses as well as spending money on IT infrastructure.

Benefits of DaaS with Sanpurple:

Improved Decision Making:

Know where your business is headed at present and use the information to formulate growth-oriented decisions.

Increased Efficiency:

Identify points of weakness and work to refine processes and thus cut down on the systemic inefficiency.

Enhanced Visibility & Transparency:

Acquire real-time knowledge of the critical business metrics across your organization to improve communication and transparency.

Simplified Data Sharing:

Collaboration can be effortless with dashboards and reports easy to share with all stakeholders to ensure that everyone is updated and properly aligned.

Reduced Costs:

Cut out the expense of using data visualization software and the developers trapped inside your organization.

Get ready to discover data visualization and how it can help strong businesses transform.

Contact Sanpurple today. Our DaaS solution offers you a partner to help you go beyond traditional measures and take advantage of advanced analytics for operational decisions and meeting strategic objectives.



BI dashboards help to visualize as well as analyze data, monitor important business performance indicators, track business metrics, and get knowledge about business performance, tendencies and organization development.

The core difference is that their functions and the level of interaction are the opposite. The Power BI service dashboard visualizes data with the interactive features that offer users an opportunity to dig deeper into data as needed. On the contrary, a report in Power BI provides deeper reports in particular dataset or other analyses that might have more comprehensive data and complex visualizations.

Three benefits of a dashboard include:
  • Real-time insights: Dashboards give agile information providing a timely response and enabling timely decisions.
  • Data visualization: Data visualizations simplifies the perception of complex information and helps detecting trends and patterns.
  • Performance tracking: Dashboards help users with KPIs and metrics tracking, setting goals, and outlining what to improve upon.

A well-designed dashboard is one that serves delivery of significant points in a way that is relevant to its users, and allows them to act on the findings. It would require a user-friendly interface, context-specific visualization and interactive features which enhance data exploration and analytical capabilities.

The main advantage of dashboards is their capability of giving users a clear and friendly view of complex data, thus allowing for the quick insights, prompt decision-making as well as performance tracking.