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Brand Positioning

Own Your Space in the Market: Brand Positioning by Sanpurple.

In the increasingly competitive market, differentiation is a vital factor. At Sanpurple, the reliable brand consultancy agency, our services of brand positioning can help you discover and define your market position in a unique way for a strong brand identity that will be accepted by your targeted audience in a blink of an eye.


What sets us apart from the competition?


Strategic Brand Positioning Framework

The thoroughness of our collaboration involves the exploration of your brand DNA consisting of the mission, the vision, the values, and the competitive advantage. From there, we will proceed to convert this knowhow into a comprehensive and usable brand positioning framework that serves as base for your communication strategy.


Competitive Advantage Analysis

As a brand consultant company, our marketing research involves specific market research where we identify the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. With the help of this, we can position your brand in a suitable manner that will demonstrate your uniqueness, USP and at the same time, enables us to keep you ahead of your competitors.


Target Audience Insights

We penetrate into your target market's requirements, wishes, and problems. Having this awareness helps to create a brand positioning statement that addresses the needs of your target group directly and positions you as the reliable solution.


Messaging Architecture Development

We will design an effective messaging framework that concisely transmits your brand's selling point and gets the right people excited.


Long-Term Brand Growth

We devise a brand positioning strategy that helps you to realize your long-term growth objectives and inspires brand loyalty among your customers.

Benefits of a Strong Brand Positioning Strategy:

Increased Brand Awareness:

A clearly defined and responsible brand position is the one that is noticed more quickly and gives you the plus over the competitors.

Enhanced Brand Credibility:

With clear brand positioning you are capable to build trust among your target audience and become an authority in the industry.

Improved Marketing ROI:

With effective brand positioning, your marketing becomes more directed and efficient, generating more profits for you.

Stronger Customer Loyalty:

Brands that create an emotional bond with their audience, particularly the target audience, are recognized to have stronger customer loyalty.

Sustainable Business Growth:

A robust brand positioning strategy is the building block upon which forward-looking companies can project their growth and achieve enduring success.

Prepared to take your distinct place in the market and skyrocket your brand beyond new records?

Contact Sanpurple today. We will collaborate with you on coming up with a strategic brand positioning plan that will set your brand apart from the competition, pique the audience's interest and take your business forward.



Brand positioning hence refers to the way by which a company is meant to stand out from consumers/target audiences and rival groups. This entails the development of a distinctive brand image that will be favored by the target audience and will suit the brand's identity, values, and offerings.

The four components of brand positioning typically include:
  • Target Audience: Identifying the main target audience such as customer demographic (e.g., income, age, gender, and language), psychographic (e.g., lifestyle, interests, values, etc.), or behavioral (e.g., shopping frequency, method of purchase, etc.).
  • Competitive Framework: Recognizing the competitive environment and creating ways in which the brand can be perceived as being unique in opposition (or similarly) to competitors.
  • Unique Value Proposition (UVP): Explaining or exemplifying the distinct features or advantage that the brand brings to its niche market or the prospective audience, being responsive to their needs or wants.
  • Brand Personality: Defining those traits that make a brand unique, only so that the consumers can connect with them on a deeper, empathic level.

The brand positioning framework serves as a strategic tool to craft a brand's positioning in the marketplace by defining and communicating it to customers. It usually manifests itself as a detailed study of marketing dynamics, consumer research and competitive analysis to find out the ways for differentiation and establish the uniqueness of your positioning statement or platform.

Positioning strategy relates to a specific set of actively used processes and tools that a company applies to define and strengthen its brand image in the consciousness of consumers. It involves determining the target market, crafting appealing and uniquely positioned messages, selecting and applying communication channels, and consistently delivering on brand promise so as to create a distinct and memorable brand image.

The brand positioning is a crucial strategy that will enable companies to differentiate themselves from competitors, convert customers into loyal brand advocates and ultimately generate long-term brand equity. It paves the way for marketing initiatives, reflective of product development decisions, and affects how the brand is positioned in the marketplace to which it ultimately leads to business success and profitability.