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Brand Naming

Ignite Your Brand: Names by Sanpurple

Your brand name is the captain of the whole crew that navigates your identity. It is the first interaction a customer has with your brand and an essential part for creating the brand identity later on. At Sanpurple, one of the trusted brand naming companies, we provide exceptional brand naming services which involves finding the right name to manifest your brand's potential and which will make you stand out among competitors.


What are the reasons you should use Sanpurple as your your
brand naming company?


Collaborative Naming Process

All of our services are tailored specifically to meet your brand values, address your target market, and stand out from the competitors. A team of experienced professionals will lead you through the collaborative process of brainstorming, and we will thoroughly go through the trademark availability and domain name checks to make sure that your name does not contradict any copyrighted name.


Strategic Name Development

We do not only come up with witty brand names but we construct names with a specific purpose in mind. The words brand positioning, memorability, pronunciation and cultural relevance are considered in order to guarantee that your name is not only related to your brand identity but also engages and sounds the same around the world.


Memorable & Impactful Names

We know the role of a striking brand name in attracting prospective customers and investors. Our names are catchy, meaningful, and pronounceable, creating an instant brand recognition in your audience.


Trademark & Domain Expertise

Our dedicated team of experts will help you creating a brand name by identifying the trademark availability and domain name selection to avoid any legal complications in the future and maximize your online presence.

Benefits of Partnering with Sanpurple for Your Brand Naming Needs:

Stronger Brand Identity:

A distinctive and memorable brand name helps with the identity of your brand and distinguishes it from competition.

Enhanced Brand Recognition:

Creating a brand name that is easy to remember helps with brand recall and introduces a higher level of recognition with your potential customers.

Improved Marketing ROI:

An appropriate title can have a great effect on any marketing effort and surely boost brand recognition.

Global Reach:

Cultural differences and global preferences are taken into account during our naming process, and this helps your brand to hit the mark in the international audience.

Long-Term Brand Success:

The perfect name for your brand constitutes a long-term investment on the success of your brand, which is the main factor determining a steady future growth and customer loyalty.

Eager to unveil the amazing name that best embodies your brand's personality and kick-starts your exciting brand adventure?

Contact Sanpurple today. Together with you, we will create a unique and memorable brand name that will push your business forward.



In India, the cost of brand naming can vary with consideration to various factors such as the project’s complexity, the naming agency or consultant’s experience, and the possible needs for comprehensive research or creativity involved. Services of brand naming companies range from a few thousand rupees to several lakhs and even more for the extensive naming projects involving smart naming consultancy.

Brand naming is about conducting market research, producing & assessing name ideas, brand name selection and refining naming options to fit with the brand identity, values and goals.

Brand names are created either by the use of descriptive, associative, abstract, acronym, or founder's name all of which are designed to convey meaning, evoke emotions, and distinguish the brand from its competitors.

The distinctive brand name is the one that is able to distinguish itself from competitors, is memorable and conveys the brand's identity, values and positioning. It is unique, able to outshine other brands, and has an everlasting recognition potential.

Brand names that are successful have to be memorable, relevant, distinctive, flexible, and protectable so that they would be able to connect with the target audience, differentiate themselves in the market, and be legally guarded.