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Brand Book & Marketing Collaterals

Elevate Your Brand Experience: Brand Book & Marketing Collaterals by Sanpurple.

Your brand is not only the logo and the slogan but the entity that breathes and should have a uniform, deep effect. As a reliable brand-book and marketing collateral designer at Sanpurple, your partner as a brand development company, we provide the marketing services to improve your brand experience across all touchpoints.


Why Choose Sanpurple for Your Brand Book
& Marketing Collateral Needs?


Cohesive Brand Identity

We help you maintain consistent brand personality across all marketing collaterals, including logos, colors, fonts, and messages.


Strategic Communication

We craft marketing materials such as brochures, flyers or videos that articulate in a clear way, your brand message, unique value proposition, and core offerings to the key customers you wish to appeal to.


Exceptional Design Quality

We are proud of our group of creative designers that craft colorful marketing materials which have a great effect on the viewers and they stick in mind.


Print & Digital Expertise

We provide a complete package of marketing collateral solutions with regard to various formats ranging from print to digital, aiming to cater to your specific requirements.


Seamless Brand Experience

Our brand books provide a solid version of all your marketing materials and define the standard design guidelines which result in your brand recognition through the consistent and unified brand experience.

Benefits of a Strong Brand Book & Marketing Collaterals:

Enhanced Brand Consistency:

The meaning of a brand book is that there would be steadiness of branding thus increasing brand reputation and trust all over the marketing channels.

Improved Marketing ROI:

A well-thought-out marketing collateral arouses interest, attracts an audience to your site and, as a result, gives a better return on investment.

Streamlined Marketing Efforts:

Brand book offers brand teams definitive instructions that are actioned in an efficient and consistent manner across various marketing teams.

Empower Your Team:

With the help of your brand book, the marketing staff can easily match the brand strategy to the marketing materials and hence, can come up with more effective marketing collaterals.

Professional Brand Image:

Marketing collateral, that are professionally and well-designed, help the brand to present an attractive and credible image.

All set to transform your branding and help you produce a focal point of marketing that speaks the language of your audience?

Contact Sanpurple today. We'll partner with you to develop a comprehensive brand book and marketing collateral that propel your brand forward.



Collaterals in branding include a number of marketing materials and assets that are utilized for the promotion of brands uniformly through different channels and touchpoints. They tend to be products of branding such as brochures, business cards, letterheads, presentations, packaging, signs, and digital files like social media graphics and web design elements.

A brand book, which can serve as a brand manual or brand style guide, presents a detailed source of insight and rules regarding the use of the brand elements across all of the communication and marketing channels. Its components will be brand principles, a mission and vision statement, a color palette, typeface specifications, tone of voice rules, preferred photography style, and examples of correct and incorrect usage.

The advertising sector is about the planning, placing, and reproduction of promotional messages to the audience to reach a target through paid media means like TV, radio, newspaper printing, internet, or outside advertising. Its goal is to create an audience, inspire them, produce interest, and urge them to take action on the behalf of the product, service, or brand. While on the one hand, collateral is a marketing material and asset which are used to reinforce brand image and message at various points and media such as advertising, there are often other ways to make that happen. Collaterals comprise items such as brochures, business cards, packaging, signage, and digital graphics.

It is a tool that enables us to check up on how consistent and pure our branding is across all channels, communications and marketing materials. In other words, it ensures that referring to our organization is a standardized and clear process. It acts as a reference manual, where the internal and external stakeholders get to know its representation including the visual and verbal image that everyone, who is a part of the organization, should understand and practice.

A brand book serves as a reference guide for the brand's various stakeholders such as those in brand management, marketing, design, and communication within a company. This ranges from employees to marketing agencies, graphic designers, printers, web developers, all and everyone that exists and is responsible for creating or using brand materials.