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Article Writing

Cultivate Your Industry Authority: Article Writing for LinkedIn, Medium and More by Sanpurple

With the advancement of the information age, the importance of technical communication that clearly explains and expresses ideas cannot be overemphasized. However, finding an appropriate manner to present complex ideas to end-users is a daunting task. Sanpurple, your preferred agent for content material production, can provide you with technical writing services which will help you to overpass the gaps and ensure that your audience perfectly conceptualizes your message.


What Makes Sanpurple Your Best Option for Content Writing Company?


Targeted Audience Analysis

Our team dives in to understand your target audience on every platform, guaranteeing that your writing strikes a chord and initiates important conversations.


Strategic Content Development

Our writers, who are good at weaving words, are able to deliver articles that not only inform but also entertain and put you as a knowledgeable authority within your field.


Platform-Specific Optimization

We customize articles for the different requirements and editorial options of the media platforms you want us to publish in (LinkedIn, Medium).


SEO Expertise

We do SEO to make sure that your articles will be easily found by search engines and will help you gain organic reach across the web.


Engaging & Shareable Content

We write content that is informative, insightful, and entertaining enough to keep the readers interested and willing to share.

Our Article Writing Services:

Be the trendsetter in your line by reading through current trends and new insights and communicating them vividly in your posts.

Express your own unique views and thoughts on industry issues and possible solutions, one of the ways to become an industry thought leader.

Create informative yet catchy lists or step by step manuals that guide readers through actually applying their new knowledge.

Provide deep analysis of the latest industry happenings and trends, which will reflect your knowledge and always keep your audience informed.

We customize your posts to meet the exact formatting and editorial guidelines of the websites and platforms your target.

Benefits of Sanpurple's Article Writing Services:

Enhanced Brand Awareness:

Become more visible and perceived as an expert in the business community.

Network Growth & Engagement:

Tap into platforms like LinkedIn and Medium to bring a custom audience together while creating meaningful content.

Lead Generation & Client Acquisition:

Educate your active audience and convert them into potential clients by providing them with astonishing and thought-provoking content.

Improved Credibility & Expertise:

Establish yourself as a well respected expert by sharing knowledge and industry insights of real value.

Content Marketing Optimization:

Harmonize your article strategy with your content marketing goals for an integrated online space.

Ready to amplify your voice and connect with your community?

Contact Sanpurple today. We can be your mentors in making articles that not only showcase your competence but also propel you towards becoming a thought leader.



Indeed, you may reformat your Medium articles and publish them on LinkedIn as desired, provided you have legal authority to do so. It is a common strategy to target multiple platforms in order to have a wider reach and make sure that your content has the highest possible visibility.

Whether you prefer LinkedIn or Medium is driven by the goals you set and the audience you intend to reach. LinkedIn is tailor-made for professional networking and B2B content, while Medium has a wider audience and more varied topics to choose from. Decide your objectives and audience demographics, and choose the place where you want to publish.

The publication of articles on LinkedIn’s platform does not include the payment of direct fees. Although blog articles and sharing on LinkedIn can help you build credibility, establish you as a thought leader and therefore attract potential clients or job opportunities, which then lead to other indirect benefits.

The articles on LinkedIn can be SEO-friendly if done correctly in terms of optimization. Put your keywords in the title, summary, and throughout your body content. Apply visual elements with pictures and videos, and increase interaction through likes, comments and sharing to achieve more visibility and searchability.

By publishing your articles on LinkedIn, you can market your brand effectively, share your knowledge with peers, prove your expertise to prospective employers, and increase the traffic to your profile or landing page, generating better professional chances for yourself.