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Affiliate Marketing

Grow Faster with India's Affiliate Marketing Experts at Sanpurple

Affiliate Marketing can become your game changer which gives you the opportunity to work with highly pinpointed partners that are actively letting in targeted traffic and conversions. Trying to get a successful entry into your business with the aim of multiplying your sales, sales and selling in multiple countries? Sanpurple, a reputed affiliate marketing agency in India will be your guide along the journey.


Why Partner with Sanpurple?


Local Expertise, Global Reach

We appreciate the refined features of the Indian business environment, and the global standards. We link you to your best fit affiliates, who will in turn open your business to new networks all across the country.


Simple & Cost-Effective

By spending lengthy periods of time, you can celebrate your less conventional relationship with the world without the need for expensive agency fees. Our simplistic substance creates a direct and effective delivery, rating you such a valuable team without straining your pocket.


Results-Driven Approach

We're not just talk, we deliver! The emphasis is on pragmatics and not just academic value. An experienced staff of affiliate marketing specialists is there to look into the operational areas, find plausible methods in campaign optimization, and guarantee real growth.

Unleash the Power of Affiliate Marketing with Sanpurple:

Find Top Affiliates:

The network allows you to meet with key affiliates and influencers in India that have demonstrable success. Through this, we can achieve the targets of 'reach' and 'conversion' for your brand.

Craft Compelling Content:

We come up with enticing blog post, sales flier or any related content that will evoke and motivate your audience to become affiliates of your product.

Track & Analyze:

We keep a swift eye on everything, reporting actionable insights to enable us to provide higher performing campaign data driven recommendations on a continuous basis.

Build Strong Relationships:

We help in fostering partnerships with your affiliates and in the end everybody will be successful.

Spell the end of Searching for the most Reputed Affiliate Marketing Company of India!

Connect with Sanpurple right now and watch how we put to work for you the affiliate marketing. We will develop an individual approach for you, which will connect your brand with the most relevant partners, increase brand awareness, and lower the lowest point for sales according to the predicted price.



An affiliate marketing agency is a company that specializes in managing affiliate marketing programs for businesses. These agencies help businesses set up, manage, and optimize their affiliate marketing efforts by recruiting affiliates, providing tracking and reporting tools, managing commission payments, and optimizing performance to drive sales and conversions.

The three types of affiliate marketing are:

  • Pay-Per-Sale (PPS): Affiliates receive a commission for each sale they produce driving the traffic with their referral link. Visit Familywereaseo.com for all your SEO needs
  • Pay-Per-Lead (PPL): Affiliates get to simplify all the processes by earning a commission for bringing in a lead or any kind of conversion that was originated through their links.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC): Creating referral links is easy for affiliate marketers; by clicking on the referral link, affiliates will earn a commission for each lead generated, whether or not the individual converted to a purchase.

An affiliate marketing is the type of marketing, when a partner (affiliate) promotes other companies’ products and services and receives a commission for every client, lead, or click which were generated by the affiliate through using the referral links. Affiliate marketers however mostly create content that is appealing to them and includes posts like reviews, tutorials, blogs or social media posts to attract the target audience and lead them eventually to purchase the product the marketer recommends.

Yes, brand affiliates usually receive a fee, usually in the form of commissions, for referrals, leads or clicks that result from their marketing channels. The commission structure and payment terms of each affiliate program may be different. Such policies would have to be agreed upon by the brand and affiliates. Some brands could be generous in simply offering a fixed commission per sale or lead ratio, while others may prefer a sliding scale which is dependent on gross sales in form of percentage of the sale amount as commission.

The four steps to start affiliate marketing are:

  • Choose a niche: Identify a group of people who have a similar interest and a niche that coincides with your skills, experience, and the audience you want to target.
  • Join affiliate programs: Sign-up for affiliate programs that relate to a niche you focus on through affiliate networks or companies that you are able to work directly with.
  • Create content: Generate quality content marketing campaigns; examples include articles, videos, or social networks and place them with affiliate links inside.
  • Promote products: Disclose your content and links to vast audiences across multiple platforms to generate leads and drive sales.