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With the progress and advancement in technology, software development is emerging as one of the vital requirements of a company. Software development is an activity of developing computer software in specific programming languages to enable the smooth functioning of business operations and objectives. Software is a list of instructions or programs that commands tasks to a computer.

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Software developers perform various processes and techniques to create functional software, such as data flow design, code design, code creation, flowcharting, process flow designing, software development testing, and debugging. The process is referred to as the ‘Software Development Life Cycle’ (SDLC). Although software development is required in almost every field today, it is mainly of great use in:

  • CRM Solutions
  • Financial Application
  • E-Commerce Solutions
  • Healthcare Applications
  • Telecommunications
  • Media Applications

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Languages for Software Development:

Software development offers a plethora of programming languages that can be used to develop software of different kinds. Some of the widely used programming languages are:


Java is one of the most popular languages in the last two decades in the field of server-side application development. It is prominent in the world of mobile games and applications. Java comes with both the tools and technology to help in difficult or complex projects.

Python is steadily overtaking Java as the most learned programming language in the world. That is because Python can be used as the scripting language and an object-oriented language for projects of a large organization.

C and C++ are important languages to be learned by software developers to know and perform their work and deliver the best results. C and C++ are the most preferred languages used for many years. It is one of the oldest languages that is still competing strongly with others in software development.

Scala is a functional programming language that helps in improving coding. Scala is a relatively new language as compared to others and easier to learn.

Javascript is emerging dominantly in the last five years. Javascript can be used, as a server-side as well as for interface development. This feature proves useful in deciding the effective implementations on the server-side and client-side

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